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I was recently interviewed by author/blogger John Mayberry.  Besides John’s book writing, 2 blogs he runs and various forums he manages on Linkedin, he also runs an Ezine called Eagle Peak Press Quarterly. Below is a snippet of my interview on writing.


Quarterly: What do you find most challenging about being a writer?

D.G. Kaye: While I wouldn’t have it any other way, self-publishing is most challenging because it takes so much time from writing. Self-publishing means editing, book cover creation, formatting, social engagement and promotion. While I sub out the editing, cover and formatting work, I’m still very much involved in the process. Becoming successful requires putting time into connecting with and attracting readers. I write a blog, follow and comment on blogs by others and interact on social media–all of which eats up lots of time but it’s essential. This is all part of promoting our own work if we want to give our books any visibility in a very crowded market.

Quarterly: It’s obvious from viewing your blog that you do indeed follow and engage with many other bloggers. That appears to have paid off with a large number of interviews and guest posts on those other blogs. Right? Do you believe that’s getting more reader interest and book sales? 

D.G. Kaye: Absolutely. I’ve noticed my following growing immensely in this past year. I follow many blogs, leaving comments on many posts. I believe the interaction has created friendships with other bloggers and inspired them to take interest in my blog in return. Ultimately, when readers enjoy what we write, they’re often inspired or curious to know more about our books. The engagement between me and my readers has led to numerous invitations to guest appear on their blogs, and subsequently has led to increased book sales. This isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes time building and establishing those relationships by interacting, putting out informative blog content and replying to comments readers have taken the time to write. Continue Reading


Source: An Interview with D.G. Kaye – Eagle Peak Press

Saturday Special Edition – Tell Me A Story/Blog Talk Radio


I wanted to share my Blog Talk Radio interview here today that I did yesterday with Annette Rochelle Aben, on her podcast series, Tell Me A Story. I was thrilled to be invited over to the podcast, and you can tell by listening to the interview, we both had fun doing it . . ..minus the glitch, where for the first few minutes she couldn’t hear me, lol. But nevertheless, Annette held the fort and became a wonderful publicist and spokesperson for me and my books.


I have to admit, even though I’m a great conversationalist, never lost for words, it was intimidating to step away from my little 4 walls in my office behind the computer and speak live through the cybersphere. A great stepping stone for getting myself out of seclusion and testing the waters for some potential public speaking down the road.


Grab a coffee, and or, erm, maybe a glass of wine, and enjoy our little half hour chat!

SPECIAL EDITION — #Empowered #Divorce #Summit



I am thrilled to be sharing the news here about the Empowered Divorce Summit.


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A few weeks ago, Divorce Coach, Heather Debreceni sought me out through social media, and contacted me. She asked me if I’d like to participate in an interview with her on the topic of Children Of Divorce. I was touched and pleasantly surprised that my book Conflicted Hearts, had captured Heather’s interest for her summit.

Heather was interested in hearing my perspective on being a child of divorce, and my feelings about the emotions that stir through children who become victims of the emotional turmoil that often occurs when children feel pulled between their two parents. Heather interviewed me, along with 23 other experts — doctors, lawyers, in the field of divorce.

Heather has put together a summit on How To Protect Your Children from the pain of divorce.


Heather's banner


I am honored to be part of the Empowerment Divorce Summit, which starts May 18th, hosted by Heather Debreceni.

This remarkable online summit features 24 experts on topics such as parenting, relationships, and divorce. They will candidly be sharing their tips and strategies on how to:

– Respectfully date after divorce

– Move through your guilt

– Support your children as they grieve

– Recognize the signs of alienation

– Create balance in your life

– Take your power back

And so much more . . .

Imagine being a fly on the wall as these top experts share the secrets that will allow you to protect your children, and embrace your new beginnings, so that you can start living the life that you’ve always dreamed possible.

I’m truly blown away at the integrity of this movement. As you listen to the experts, you will understand that this summit has the capacity to not only shake stubborn negative thoughts right out of your head, but it will also replace them with a wealth of tools and strategies to change your life. . .

If this resonates with you, keep reading.

Knowing that people have a solid support network, helps them find peace they crave after divorce. I’m happy to have been invited to participate in this growing support network.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be part of a national movement that empowers women as they move through the divorce process?

Here is your opportunity. And it’s completely free!

Space is limited, so RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW!

If you have a friend, sister, mother, or know any other women who you think would benefit from such a movement, please share this information.

The change has begun. Let’s inspire the change in the way our nation views divorce, and give rise to empowered mothers across the nation.

If you’re ready to embrace real change, we invite you and the women in your life to join us in the Empowered Divorce Summit. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this amazing event, so reserve your spot today!