On A Personal Note…


It has been a bit quiet over here this past week or so, as I have been up to my ears in preparation for my book Conflicted Hearts, launch. I haven’t really been mentioning it much because I have been so frazzled with obstacles, which has caused a slight delay in my anticipated publication day.

I presume every writer goes through their own ups and downs and believe me, when things were going wrong, I felt like running away many times and leaving my book to the dust collection. It also gave me time to become more critical of myself and begin to doubt my work and it took every effort for me to even want to visit my own blog site while I was in that state. But, I showed up! And I read all your lovely comments which gave me smiles, and all my encouraging emails and my mentor, great author, friend J. Thorn certainly went out of his way in his busy schedule to help me out.

While I am not going to go into details of my dilemmas, I just want to acknowledge you all and my many supporters who are constantly reminding me that they are eagerly anticipating the birth of my book. Yes! There is a book and my huge goal is to have it published before Christmas!

The journey has certainly been a wealth of learning and experience and I am so grateful for some of the leading pioneers in this industry for their guidance in so many ways, which they may not even realize. Again, I’d like to give mention to J.Thorn for mentoring me through this journey with its triumphs and bumps along the way.

For those of you who are not familiar with J.Thorn, he is one of our top Indie authors who writes in the dark fantasy/horror genre. I can honestly say if you are a Stephen King fan, you ought to be checking out the works of J.Thorn.

So with all of your kind words and support, I am beginning to feel that this wasn’t all for nothing.

Now that said, I hope you will all pass by here again later in the week, as I will proudly be posting the long promised, excerpt of my book! Thank you all! 🙂

P.S. I have a little request. Apparently I am not getting enough ‘likes’ on my author Facebook page, There is an option to ‘like’ me on the sidebar of my page but perhaps it is a little far down on the page that it gets overlooked. If you wouldn’t mind ‘liking’ me, facebook will open up some better visibility to my page.  Thanks again!