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Authors who are not from the U.S. are often caught in a quandary when it comes to taxation issues when it comes to downloading their books to be published and sold through aggregating sites such as Amazon. Many newly published authors in particular seem to get caught in the double taxation system, first by the 30% taken off their royalties by the site they’re published on, and then again at tax time.


There have been several articles written on these issues to help out authors on these issues. In fact, here’s one written by Diane Tibert for Canadian authors. But since that article, things have become somewhat easier in regards to avoid having to obtain an EIN from the IRS by being permitted now to use our social insurance numbers.


I recently came across this article from Joel Friedlander’s newsletter, the bookdesigner.com ,full of interesting and useful articles for Indie authors, and one written by Carla King for bookworks.com . It simplifies and explains the process for avoiding the dreaded 30% tax taken off royalties.


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Source: A Free EIN Simplifies the Business of Self-Publishing – BookWorks


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#Author #Media Kit and Bio Info (hurry, time-sensitive)


Us Indie authors certainly have our work cut out for us. As we all know, we have to wear many hats to accomplish everything that encompasses our writing. Writing is the easiest part, the part I enjoy most. But after we write our words, we set out to share them with the world, that’s when the heavy-lifting comes in. We have to polish our work by revising and editing, have a great book cover made, and find the important words that will convey in a short, condensed blurb for our readers what our stories are about. If there isn’t anything enticing there, readers are apt to bypass our books.

Formatting is a headache for many writers, and many of us choose to sub that work out. The hours in a day pass much to quickly when we have to look after all of these tasks by keeping up with our writing stories and blogs, and reading of other’s to engage socially and learn more from the info we discover from other blogs.

Marketing and promoting our work is a whole different beast we must learn to do. After all, we’ve done the hard work and if we don’t promote our work, nobody will find it. Thus, our jobs never seem to end. Having said all this, because I always like to share worthy articles that you may find helpful to your author business, some of you may be interested in a package I’ve come across. It has to do with our bios and media kits. You know, all the things we have to include for interview purposes, book promotion and social media branding?

We have different bios for the different books we write—short ones, long ones, synopsis’, reviews, excerpts from our books to include, etc. As our book catalogue grows, we have to rewrite and update our bios (if we can remember every site we have them on) so they include our newest releases and accomplishments. Overwhelming? Yes! But I’m sharing here today a helpful package I just bought to help with all of these things.

I’ve been following The Bookdesigner blog and publications since I became an Indie writer. Joel Friedlander owns that blog and business, and he is one of the leading book business entrepeneurs in the business. I have learned a wealth of information from his publications. He offers a myriad of services to writers from the people in the business he interviews, to his own experience from fonts to formatting, to book cover concepts, and the list goes on and on.

The other day he ran a webinar on the importance of having a media kit always ready and updated. This is something I know is important and have available here on my pages menu, but I know is in dire need of repair and wasn’t sure exactly how it should appear. I missed the webinar, but thankfully got the emailed recording of Joel and publicist Joan Stewart explaining everything about the importance of and how to put together our promotional material.


Well, for a very limited time, until this Tues Sept. 30 hits midnight, they are offering up a complete package of instructions and templates with samples how to set everything up, the only thing they haven’t done is write our bios for us! I jumped on this because first of all, I wasn’t well-versed on how to put a professional kit together for me and my books and second of all, once I’ve updated my work on all these templates, I no longer have to sift through my file folder and notebooks for the numerous bios and descriptions I have written, they will all be under one file where I can find everything! This is a wealth of information for those of us who know our craft but suffer in the promotional department.

I mean, we are writers first, we can’t be expected to be great at every turn in our business without some coaching. As much as I love to talk about Joel’s site, I’m not writing this to promote him, rather to pass it on to my fellow writers, sharing how valuable this package is to our careers. And because I missed the live webinar this past Thursday and only just finished watching the recording, I wanted to write this post right away because this package special pricing loaded with goodies will expire in three days.

For the crazy price of $67 from $232. I grabbed it! If you are interested in checking out Joel’s website and perusing the many topics he covers from blurbs to ISBN numbers, do so at www.thebookdesigner   and I’m attaching the link where you can watch this webinar to find out more. Finally here is the link to purchase this kit.

I’ve got mine and look forward to diving in within the next week or so. Do let me know what you guys think after reading, purchasing or watching the webinar!

Carnival of Indies

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I am just thrilled and love to share that my blog post…How Did I Write My Memoir, was accepted by The Book Designer issue #38 of the publication and circulated Sunday, November 24th! For those of you who aren’t familiar with www.thebookdesigner.com , Joel Friedlander’s site is a wealth of information for writers. There are hundreds of articles you can sift through on his site to keep you up to date on the latest and greatest things on publishing from blogs to book cover designs and templates for formatting books. Truly one of our great gurus on self publishing.

This month’s issue has lots of articles on book marketing, informative blog posts from Indie authors and more, including writing tools and tips (which my blog is listed under). An up to date issue on what’s hot and going on in the Indie world of publishing.

Thank you Carnival of Indies for including my post in your publication!