Writer’s Tips May Edition – Copyright Page, Italics, Web Content, Amazon, Canva


Welcome to May edition of my curated Writer’s Tips. This month I’m sharing some informative articles on, when to use Italics by author/editor, Anneli Purchase, how to create a proper Copyright page by Kindlepreneur, Dave Chesson, as well as info on reducing Amazon Download Fees, how to write Web content by Anne R. Allen, how to Translate Text into another Language in Canva by Natalie Ducey, Word Conversion with Harmony Kent.


Author/Editor, Anneli Purchase on how and when to use Italics


Kindlepreneur – Dave Chesson on What Goes into a Book’s Copyright Page


Dave Chesson shows us how to minimize KDP Download Fees when downloading our books


Anne R. Allen explains why it’s important for authors to learn how to write Web Content


Natalie Ducey has another helpful tutorial – How to Translate Text into other Languages using Canva


Harmony Kent at the Story Empire talking about writing conventions – American, British, English



Writer’s Tips: A Great Edition to Maximize Readership for Authors and Bloggers

This edition of Writer’s Tips offer some great links for writers and authors – How to use Amazon search words for best visibility, the importance of using Goodreads for authors, The Kindlepreneur with a generator machine to drum up ideas and book titles, and did you know that just by commenting on other blogs your name gets pushed up in SEO on Google? Check them out!


Bookmarketing Tools – using https://www.profitguru.com/ to find profitable book title data on Amazon to help maximize your book’s visibility.

Source: Digital Pubbing – Guest Post: 5 Steps to Finding Profitable Book Topics on Amazon


Great article from P.H. Solomon writing for the Story Empire blog on why Goodreads is a great place for authors to grow readership.



Dave Chesson, the Kindleprenur, has a great share machine! Everything you need to know about how the generator works.


Now, give that generator a whirl by trying it out! Generator is complete with writing ideas, first lines, character and plot generators and more!


Looking for more visibility on Google searches to get your name and perhaps books a boost in search engines? Read up on Anne R. Allen’s invaluable post on why comments are so essential on our blogs, and how just by commenting, you gain visibility!

Commenting on Blogs: The Easy Way for New Writers to Build Platform


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Writer’s Tips – Rejected Manuscripts, Formatting in Word, Create Free Book Covers and More!

This week’s edition of Writer’s Tips is focused on: Working with your Word Styles Ribbon, Author Tips, Writing Aids, Creating Free Book Covers, Why Manuscripts get Rejected, and How to Formulate the Elevator Pitch.



Louise Harnby shares in-depth information on how to work with your Styles ribbon in Word to help format your books.




9 Things Authors should be doing, by Indies Unlimited.

9 Things Authors Aren’t Doing (And Should Be Doing)



The Kindlepreneur, Dave Chesson, offers a great list of writing aids.




How to create Book Covers for free with Publishing Drive.




Ruth Harris on the blog of Anne R. Allen sharing tips on how to formulate an Elevator Pitch for our books.

Razzle-Dazzle: The Art and Craft of the Elevator Pitch



Anne R. Allen is sharing 8 potential reasons our manuscripts may be rejected.

Source: Rejections: 8 reasons why your manuscript is getting them