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Addiction and the Power of Letting Go


Today I’m reblogging a poignant post Tina Frisco has written for the Story Reading Ape’s blog. The article delves into the Power of Letting Go of our addictions, which I thought would be a fitting post to end the year and begin a fresh one with positive thinking. The power remains in our subconscious as Tina tells us, and shows us a method to deal with our addictions.

“You’re extremely disgusted with an old habit. You’re ranting. You’re pacing. You’re regurgitating. You’re spent. You pick yourself up from the floor, dry your tears, and swear on your life that this is the last time. You throw away all accouterments, all paraphernalia, all reminders of the loathed and dreaded addiction. You make it through the day with firm resolve. Then you awaken the following morning with an insatiable craving. You recall your commitment and fight doggedly not to give in. You argue with yourself. You become frustrated. The stress grows into a pressing mass in your belly. Then suddenly… a comforting thought: One more day won’t hurt! You acquiesce. You give in. And the roller coaster ride begins…

A teacher once told me that the masters, the avatars, often carry an addiction in order to stay in form — to remain incarnate. She explained that the addiction weights them down, anchors them in the physical, and without it they would ascend into the realm of spirit. This implies choice. It implies that they’re in charge. It suggests they have power over their thoughts and actions.

But most of us mortals fall prey to addiction unconsciously, without awareness. Prompted by pleasure or necessity, we engage in an activity that, over time, becomes a habit — a predator – a persecutor. And we soon learn how difficult it can be to break its hold on us.

Addiction controls us because if we let it go, a void is created, a void that the subconscious mind fears and seeks to fill. If we have nothing at the ready with which to replace it, the old and familiar will quickly return, like water filling a hole.

The most effective way to let go the old is to simultaneously bring in the new. . . .Continue Reading

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