“Click To Tweet” – Are you using it?


click tweetYou may have noticed on some blogs you’ve been reading, a ‘click to tweet’ box or birdie within the blog post. You can add these to your posts by highlighting a sentence or quote from within your blog post, and placing it in the ‘click to tweet’ generator. You will also have to copy and paste in the permalink URL to that blog post, plus your Twitter handle, then click ‘generate new URL’. You can then embed the newly generated link into your post to make it a tweetable Twitter share.

 Readers will now be able to click an eye-catching sentence to be tweeted into the Twitterverse and be shared, bringing you more traffic to your blog. It also enables your name to remain attached to the tweet, no matter how many times it gets shared from others, again to redirect readers to your blog when clicked on. So don’t forget to add your Twitter name.

Try it here:  Click to tweet

Alternatively, you can add a #clicktotweet plugin, which will install the little ‘birdie’ in your editing tool bar. You  click on the birdie in your editor when creating a post, after placing the box in the spot you’d like it to show in your post, and add the highlighted quote or words you want to go inside the box to tweet,  then click on the generate button  and the link is automatically installed in coded text. Then ‘save’ draft, and hit ‘preview’ and click on it to test it out.


Plugins are available in your ‘Plugins’  widget of your dashboard. Just type in the search box ‘click to tweet’ and you’ll find several plugins available. Read the details before installing to make sure that particular plugin is compatible with your blog.

Note: For WordPress.com users, who need more info about the Click to Tweet plugin, here’s a helpful link  http://www.wpbeginner.com/plugins/how-to-add-click-to-tweet-boxes-in-your-wordpress-posts/


Try it here:  [bctt tweet=”Are you using Click to Tweet?” username=”pokercubster”]


This little beauty can also be used to add links to your books and more with the link generator. The possibilities are endless.


Okay, so I’m still playing around with it, but  you can read this informative article here from Savvy Bookwriters, to get more tips and you will see a short demo video in that post by Kim at YourWritersPlatform for a quick view about how to generate a “click to tweet” link without the plugin.

Are you using Click to Tweet?