#Writers Tips – #Publishing Scams, Future of Self-Publishing, #Bookbub Profitability?

Welcome to a new edition of Writers Tips. In this collection, I’ve curated some helpful articles particularly geared to authors – Best sites for authors to promote their books on, publishing scams to beware of, predictions for the publishing future and a comprehensive lowdown on the profitability of paying for a Bookbub ad.


Agent, Laurie McLean, guest feature at the blog of Anne R. Allen, sharing her predictions for the publishing industry in 2021.

Agent Laurie McLean Gives 10 Publishing Predictions for 2021


Also, on the blog of Anne R. Allen, Anne shares the new 2021 publishing scams going on – including phishing scammers stealing manuscripts!

Publishing Scammers to Watch Out for in 2021


Author Deborah Jay, generously shares her advertising endeavor with Bookbub and shares why the exorbitant ad costs are worth it.



Pioneer Indie Author David Gaughran shares a comprehensive list of the best book sites to advertise our books on. (check this isn’t in last edition)



Six different bios every author needs by Nate Hoffleder guesting at the blog of Anne R. Allen.

The Six Online Bios Every Author Needs


Nicholas Rossis with 5 tips to improve our Linkedin profiles.



I hope you enjoy these excellent helpful articles, and don’t forget to file them away for those days they are relevant to your work, for easy access.


9 Year Anniversary Achievement


WordPress let me know today is my 9th year blogging anniversary. Where did the years go?


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Be a Lucy | Teagan Geneviene | Pulse | LinkedIn


I thought the timing was perfect today to share one of Teagan’s Thriving Thursday posts she shares weekly on Thursdays at Linkedin. Thursday

posts are always uplifting and reminders to be kind and to love ourselves.


Today Teagan is telling us to ‘Be a Lucy’. Read the post below so you too can become a Lucy (or perhaps a Larry if you’re male).


Thriving Thursdays – by Teagan Geneviene


I’m the first to admit it, from kindergarten through senior-level careers, we’re expected to be just like everyone else (but do more with less and faster than everyone else who is just like you).

Don’t you think it is better to be valued for who you are?  If you pretend and pose as something other than yourself, then you’ll never know if they accept and want you or the facade. 

Does it seem difficult to consider being who you really are?  I know the idea frightens a lot of people.  Well, there’s one key to successfully being yourself.  Love you. . . Continue Reading


PS While you’re on Linkedin reading the post, you may want to connect there with Teagan so you won’t miss any of her inspiring Thriving posts.


You can also visit Teagan at her blog Teagansbooks


Source: Be a Lucy | Teagan Geneviene | Pulse | LinkedIn