Sunday Book Review – The Emissary – Book 3 – Love Hurts by Marcia Meara

My Sunday Book Review is for Marcia Meara’s new release – Love Hurts – book 3 in her Emissary series. Jake and Dodger were chosen, after they died, for the first emissary program by their boss, the angel Azrael. They are like heaven sent earth angels who live in their former human forms and save people from either themselves, or from doing something criminal.




The archangel Azrael created his emissaries to help mortals avoid choices that would doom them for eternity. He hadn’t planned on the youngest member of the team falling in love with one. In Marcia Meara’s final installment of her Emissary Trilogy, a Riverbend spinoff series of novellas, we find our heroes facing a new problem, and it’s all because Dodger died before having a chance to learn what love was all about. His request that Azrael help him correct that situation causes a multitude of problems no one could have foreseen. Except the angel, himself.


Azrael’s emissary program was growing daily, but it still met with stubborn opposition from many on the Council of Angels. Dodger’s request to be allowed to experience what falling in love was all about didn’t help matters, but Azrael thought the boy was onto something. He agreed emissaries who’d shared a loving relationship during their mortal lives would have a deeper understanding of human emotions and motivations, thus enhancing the skills needed to do their jobs.


With that in mind, Azrael gave Dodger one chance to search for true love. He then laid down a daunting set of stringent rules and guidelines that could not be broken under any circumstances lest dire happenings occur. But while the angel sincerely hoped Dodger would find a way to make this endeavor work, he feared an avalanche of unintended consequences could be in store for his youngest emissary.


Sometimes even angels hate to be right.


Will Azrael ever tire of popping up behind Jake just to see his first emissary fall out of his chair in shock? Will sharp-eyed motel owners ever notice a big red-and-white semi mysteriously appearing and disappearing from their parking lots overnight? And will Dodger be able to track down the mystery girl who caught his eye two weeks earlier to see if she’s really The One?


To find the answers to these and other angelic or emissarial questions, come along on one last adventure with Jake, Dodger, and that ginormous, glowy-eyed archangel, Azrael. They’re waiting for you!


My 5 Star Review:

This is book 3 in Meara’s Emissary series where Jake and Dodger run into a new situation while doing their jobs as emissaries – Dodger learns hard what love is all about, how amazing it can feel, and how it can hurt.

In their duties as emissaries, hired by the angel Azrael, Jake and Dodger continue to help humans they come across who are on the brink of either committing crimes or close to taking their own lives by helping them see the errors in their ways. They are the voice of reason and saviors. They were sent to earth instead of heaven after their own human deaths and chosen for the new emissary program by the angel Azrael. Immortal now in their old human forms.

Along with taking human form, Jake and Dodger are also cognizant of human emotion and in this novella, the younger, Dodger has his heartstrings pulled when he falls in love with librarian Juliet. But love isn’t always grand, especially when Juliet is mortal and Dodger is no longer, and when Dodger realizes he cannot lead a fulfilling life with his new love because of the two worlds they live in. He is faced with making painful human decisions as he struggles with the decision to tell Juliet his dilemma or keeping silent about who he really is.

Dodger has never known such love in his past life so all the new wonderful feelings he’s experiencing are also his problem as he must figure out how to live in love with a mortal. Azrael keeps a tight watch on his two emissaries and pops in from time to time to both applaud and catch his two new emissaries when they make mistakes.

With lots of good life lessons and empathetic characters, Love Hurts is a wonderful read that will touch on all your emotions.



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