Sunday Book Review – Essential Manners for the Modern Author

Sunday Book Review


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I read a good recommend for this book from an author friend – The Little Blue Book for Authors – Essential Manners for the Modern Author by Gisela Hausmann. It’s a short read with some good information about how to garner reviews and share our work and books with readers to garner interest without turning off readers with pushy sales. This author has a few books out in the Little Blue Book series for authors in case you’d like to check them out.




Hundreds of thousands of authors try to wow readers, reviewers, and book bloggers. No reader can handle the volume of books they are offered.
Etiquette matters.

Learn from one of Amazon’s top reviewers what to do and what to avoid.
This book includes three different examples how to turn a “maybe” into a “yes.”

Be Kind to Yourself
Ban the Word “Automatization” from Your Book Marketing Vocabulary
Put Yourself in Others’ Shoes
Don’t Brag or Lie
Don’t Just Mention Your Book, Create a “Dating Profile”
It Takes Creativity to Open Doors (Practical Examples)
Lastly – Listen! Listen to Your Friends


My 5 Star Review:

This author is known for her short no nonsense ‘Naked Books’. She gets to the meat of her advice without any fancy fluff and filler. Hausmann offers simple helpful steps with good guidelines for promoting our books with etiquette and kindness and demonstrates how this can be done without coming off as a pushy author. She also includes how to write proper email requests when requesting book reviews with tips about keywords that will both, turn off a reader or pique their interest. We’ll also learn how to market our books properly on social media, and she shares where not to waste our marketing time and efforts.

This short read packs a punch with sound advice and attainable promise and how to gain more social interaction with readers. Great little resource guide.