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I’ve shared quite a few posts from Marsha Ingrao in the past because Marsha is aces when it comes to publishing posts about helpful tips for bloggers – from using images, to WordPress how to, Marsha does her research and happily shares her findings on her most entertaining and informative blog – Always Write.

Today’s post is a reblog of Marsha’s post with detailed descriptions on how to write a proper review for books.




After five years of writing reviews, I’ve learned about what it takes to write a top book review. I get compliments, but my ratings on Amazon still underwhelm me. Nobody is grading you, so look at what other readers wrote. You are not going to plagiarize just by looking! However, it is not cheating to let Amazon help you write a great review. Other reviewers often offer insights you miss.



In my first years of reviewing, I thought the little Amazon box that says title meant to write in the title of the book. Every time I saw that box, I thought, “What a dumb box, the title is obvious, but oh well,” and I’d type in the book title. I looked at other people’s reviews. I never noticed that their titles read “Five Stars,” “Loved It” “Author’s Best Book Ever.” One day when I looked at other reviews critically, it hit me. The title should be mine. It reflects what I thought about the book, author, characters, or how the book affected me. Continue Reading . . .



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Easy Read Memoir Conflicted Hearts: A+ Review – ALWAYS WRITE

D.G. Kaye's books


I was pleasantly surprised while checking out a few blogs while on vacation and finding this wonderful review of my book Conflicted Hearts, reviewed by a most informative blogger and great book reviewer, Marsha Ingrao.

Conflicted Hearts, D.G. Kaye



Is that even possible, an easy read memoir? Almost by definition, a remarkable memoir must have a conflict or opposition that makes it memorable. At times it draws tears, uneasy drops that remind us of sad or hard times in our lives. By easy read memoir, I don’t mean that the emotional conflicts melt like butter in your brain. No!

As Tina Frisco wrote, “Conflicted Hearts by D.G. Kaye reads like a personal conversation between two best friends.”

easy read memoirLOST CHILDHOOD

Kaye gave up her childhood to fill the gap in her family left by her mother. She became a capable leader. Any of us who have accomplished any of our dreams probably had a dream quencher in our lives somewhere. Kaye’s mother tried to squelch her spirit. In this easy read memoir, Kaye describes how she squirmed out of her mother’s constricting grasp and maintained sanity in the family. Continue Reading . . .



3 Stupid Questions That Will Make Your Blogging Great – ALWAYS WRITE

Blogging tips


Today I’m sharing another blogging friend’s awesome post that all bloggers should read. My friend Marsha Ingrao of is a wealth of information on everything blogging. Marsha’s blog talks about all the little nitty gritty things we sometimes don’t even realize why they’re in our dashboard and what they’re for. Well Marsha is a great communicator and explains things to us in simple terms.


Have a look at one of her posts here titled 3 Stupid Questions that will make your Blogging Great!

Don’t you know what an alt text is? Don’t you hate asking stupid questions? Even if it will help your blogging? Let me do it for you. I mean everyone knows about alt text by now, don’t they? Do you even know where to find alt text? I did not. And who thinks up keywords … Continue reading “3 Stupid Questions That Will Make Your Blogging Great”

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Traveling Hints to Keep More of Your Clothes On – ALWAYS WRITE

D.G. Kaye's books


I came across this wonderful review of my book Have Bags, Will Travel, on Marsha Ingrao’s blog, It’s always a thrill to have a shiny new review for our books, but Marsha’s review was sheer entertainment and had me in stitches. Read part of the review here. And please continue over to Marsha’s page to read the rest with her witty ad lib.

Have Bags, Will Travel D.G. Kaye

Have Bags, Will Travel has the traveling hints you need to remember why you travel. The book is a short, easy-to-read, humorous essay by D. G. Kaye.

Traveling Hints for Changing Times


D.G. Kaye has a long history of loving to shop when she travels. We all want to bring back something from our traveling. Right?  But how much is too much? And how do we get it through customs?

D.G. Kaye packed and traveled differently in the past.  How has she coped with the many changes in the travel industry? Has airport security threatened her travel buying? As you will see, she offers creative tricks to pack and still have fun shopping.

Follow D.G. Kaye and her friends as she travels to Paris, London, Las Vegas, Greece, Venezuela, and Arizona. Pay attention to her traveling hints about locations to visit. For example, she describes her reaction to the transition from old Vegas to the Vegas we know today.

Have you ever traveled in a garbage can lid? Find out how it’s done, and what to wear!

Ever break a foot while traveling? It happened to D.G. and another friend of mine, too. Bad memories are often the funniest, and make the trip memorable.

Has your suitcase ever come down the baggage ramp unzipped, exposed with tire treads stamped across your clothes? Hmmmm. Poor Debby!


Traveling Tips from Admitted Germ Freak


Whether or not you love germs, D.G. Kaye will entertain you with her germy experiences traveling at home and abroad. Continue Reading ….


Source: Traveling Hints to Keep More of Your Clothes On – ALWAYS WRITE

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