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How delighted I was to come across this wonderful and humorous review of my book Menowhat? A Memoir, by  author Tina Frisco. 


I wrote that book as a memoir of my overwhelming journey through menopause. As I wrote about my trials and tribulations through that rocky ride, I offered some helpful tips which worked for me, many observations of the symptoms I encountered, and how I chose to deal with them. I like to think of myself as a girl with the ‘glass half full’ and often use the tagline ‘You gotta Laugh’ when life throws curve balls, naturally sense of humor emanates through the book and I was thrilled to see that Tina had identified with the humor of it all. It’s an informative book for those who’ve yet to enter the world of the ‘menodragons’ and a book you can laugh at if you’ve already passed ‘Go’ on the subject. Please read Tina’s review below:


Menowhat? A Memoir, D.G. Kaye


5 Stars


Navigating Menopause with Poise and Humor 

I wish I’d had this book when I was going through menopause! It would have validated all I was feeling and given me some inventive ways of coping with the inevitable changes looming on the threshold of female maturity.

In her memoir, Meno-What?  D.G. Kaye speaks frankly about the hormonal changes that launch a war against our physical, emotional, and behavioral stability. She humorously refers to them as the “meno dragons,” a term that will be appreciated by any woman who has reached this stage in life.

Kaye outlines, chapter by chapter, the various changes that challenge our bodies as well as our sanity and self-image. With candor and humor, she tells us how each change affected her body, threatened her vanity, and braced her determination to face each one with an eye toward melioration.

She coins some pretty hilarious terms in describing these changes. “Circumference expansion” and “meno muffin” refer to our broadening midsections. “Fatback” and “muffin tops” describe the love handles bestowed to our bra lines. “Bottoms down” laments the loss of firmness in our posteriors. “Fred Flintstone feet” bemoans the abhorrent increase in shoe size. And “the Sahara effect” aptly portrays those dreaded, uncomfortable hot flashes. . Continue Reading


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