Technical Update – #WordPress – #Microsoft Hijacked my Laptop

Hello blogging friends, I just wanted to share my grievance with you. As many of you who visit here know, I try to read as many blogs as I can fit in every evening. I’m having a temporary problem with blogs these days – with ‘liking’, some sharing, and some to even write a comment. It seems the full moon once again has caused me SEVERAL  technical issues. Here’s the lowdown:

Early last week, my beloved Windows Surface finally stopped playing nice with me. Thanks to the hijacker Microsoft hijacking my laptop into forced updates that wouldn’t fit in my disk space left, and TOTALLY IGNORING the 50 gigs I have available on micro SD card, the gears wouldn’t stop spinning and wouldn’t even turn off. It’s been giving me trouble for a few months now and I’d been trying to hold out for end of August school sale prices to purchase another. So in the meantime, I pulled out another old Asus laptop I had and planned to use that until end of August. But after 2 days of using that one, I got the black screen of death and toasted that one too.

On Friday, after Thursday night’s blowout, I started my search for a new laptop (again the new Surface), only to find they were sold out everywhere in various stores in my vicinity, so I had no choice but to order online (grateful to find it on sale too) and have it delivered (usually a 2-day deal), and was told it would be delivered August 5th. This came as no surprise to me seeing as every store is sold out, which I attribute to Covid and moms and teachers buying up better quality computers, as well as students, seeing as this is the only way to stay connected to loved ones and the world and reliability with a better machine.

So, plan C while waiting is to work on my very old Dell desktop, which has given me nothing but grief. It doesn’t recognize any passwords, takes 5 minutes to load a page, and the grief goes on. This desktop also does not play nice with WordPress. I’ve lost the ability to ‘like’ your posts, and in some cases, I can’t use the share buttons, and for some self-hosted and WP premium plan blogs, I can’t even comment and I can’t retrieve notifications unless I go to someone else’s blog and click on the WP reader. I also have a tablet which I try to use in the evenings so I’m not secluded from the TV at night and it seems my tablet is possessed and turns on and off at random will and won’t load some blogs. OYE!

This desktop clunker is a back-breaker for me to sit at all day too. And don’t even get me started as I’m in the middle of revisions for my newest book and this clunker has an old version of Word on it that chooses to screw up my documents. I’m trying my best to use the old version to write posts on, but I don’t dare ruin my manuscript, so once again, I cannot work on my book until the new laptop arrives.

Out of curiosity, I emailed support to find out the exact day of delivery, as I discovered in fine print that my laptop will be delivered between August 5th an 14th!!!! I emailed them to beg for early release and was told it won’t be sent til August 14th!!!!! So I am screwed! Personally, I don’t even think this clunker will live that long. So I wanted to give you all a heads up in case you think I’ve abandoned your blogs, or I’m not reading them because you may see no likes or comment. Some of you have mentioned to me that you too were having problems commenting on my posts. For this I am sorry. I have done my best to fix what I can, but because my machine is acting prehistoric, I’m out of ammo. So please bear with me and know, if you don’t see me, I’m still around.

I think as an empath, and as my Fey sister Colleen Chesebro refers to me as an ‘energy witch’, I’m accumulating wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to much technical energy. What I really need is a technical break, and if this desktop dies out on me, that’s what I’ll be doing. Ironically, my trusted mobile phone still allows me to be on FB (hope I don’t curse it).

So, just know, I’m still here and fighting the tech gods daily. Thanks for putting up with craziness you may encounter on my blog.




Thank You #Windows10 – Not!

My two cents

Thank you technical gods for the most trying week in my whole cyber life. Besides the numerous delays in my book launch with files flying back and forth all week, and WordPress blocking me all week from commenting on blogs, and then there was the day I was totally unable to get into my website, I’d really like to thank Windows 10 NOT! for sucking the last ounces of nerves and energy from me this weekend.

Thank you Windows 10 for trying to force-feed your incompatible updates on my poor, defenseless Windows 8.1 operating system ever since I fought you tooth and nail and didn’t allow you to install Windows 10 on that computer. You knew they weren’t compatible with my system but kept sending them anyway. I really appreciate the fact that you corrupted my computer and numerous files shoving your Windows 10 updates onto my Windows 8.1 computer, because you can’t be bothered sending updates for appropriate systems, bullying everyone to change over to your terrible new system. Needless to say, I’ve had no security updates for quite some time due to your negligence, resulting in corrupted and infected files infiltrating silently into my cyber home and workplace. Even my MalwareBytes and heavy-duty antivirus army couldn’t fight you off.


I also wanted to thank you for falling upon me Friday night and through the weekend, a time where I should have been working. I really enjoyed spending 48 hours searching Google, trying to find ‘Windows’ fixes for broken files, that wouldn’t work. I especially enjoyed the most useless pretend help from your master, Microsoft, who apparently, thinks they can push their way into places they’re not invited.


It was very lovely of you to try and push Windows 10 updates into an 8 operating system, so you can ruin computers, so people will have to go buy new ones – with Windows 10 no doubt. Surely that would alleviate any obligation you have to send appropriate updates to servers without Windows 10. By force-feeding Windows 10 down everybody’s throat, you wouldn’t have to come up with updates for every different system, like you used to do before you became the biggest skyjacking greed-monger in the cyber world. And that goes for you also taking over Windows Live Mail and making the most inconvenient email system I’ve ever had to use.


I particularly enjoyed spending Sunday from 9:30 am till 5:30 pm with a tech service I found who crawled inside my computer remotely after I exhausted all of your offered lame fixes from the internet. I also enjoyed paying $250 for this service, at this inopportune time when I’m paying editors, formatters and book designers. Oh, and thanks for making me miss out on going to Word On The Street, a Canadian bookfair I was looking forward to going to for months. Perhaps I was lucky my book files weren’t ready to publish yet so you could tear my last nerve having to spend the weekend with you. You made my week complete!


WordPress spam issues have nothing on you. You take the cake! But thanks for sharing all these life lessons I learned through all my findings. You made me realize how important it is that the next computer I ever buy will be a Mac.


Thank you!