I am Series — Noise


Writing prompt today, inspired by Natalie Goldberg’s Old Friend from Far Away, is the word “noise”.


I am thinking about turning off the noise; the constant thought process that never wants to shut down inside my head.

Life’s dilemmas, demands, and indecisions crowd my inner space. Grocery lists, deadlines, although self-imposed, stay current in my thoughts.

At night I try to turn it off by tuning into some mindless TV or a good book; my long awaited personal time. Reading takes me out of myself and allows me to be somewhere else. The great escape is pleasure, solitude from real life’s daily demands. When letting my mind free, it often wanders too far to a place of comfort and weightlessness, a place I sometimes would like to remain.

When I get up in the wee hours of the night for a drink or a visit to the loo, the beast has been awakened. The active mind begins, and the chances of going back to sleep are narrowed unless I turn on the radio to concentrate on the music or start all over again, reading, to still my active mind, so that I may once again drift into silence.

D.G. Kaye ©June 2015

The New “I Am” . . . Series


I’ve been thinking of a new series to post and occasionally when I have spare writing time, or, if I have the dreaded writer’s block, I turn to my favourite writing book by Natalie Goldberg, “Old Friend from Far Away.” This is a wonderful compilation of writing teachings, as well a great book of writing prompts given to stimulate our creativity. The prompts in this series relate to ” I am thinking of, I am remembering, etc. I think you get the drift.


These are exercises to get our creative juices flowing and prompt us to write about the first thing that comes to our mind in a five or ten minute writing allowance time. The idea is to keep the pen flowing, without stopping to second-guess your thoughts. We start out writing about something in particular, and we then let the thought carry on to wherever it may lead.

Some of you may remember I wrote a post about a year ago based on these writing prompts, titled The Pink Basket. If you’d like to read it, here is the link https://dgkayewriter.wordpress.com/pink-basket/

I have a few pages of these writings that are waiting to be shared. It’s interesting to find that whatever happens to be hanging out around our subconscious  at the time of writing, becomes a story.

Todays post is about, I am Thinking about a Suitcase

how we write


As I took stock of the state of my luggage, in preparation for my next vacation, I realized the ravaged condition of the zipper and the frayed corners of my suitcase from the numerous whippings it had taken through the careless attitudes of luggage handlers at numerous airports I had traveled through.

I remember the many trips now, my mother took without me as a child, and how I’d cry myself to sleep in her absence. She was barely ever home, as her life was an eternal mission to seek fun and adventure, and attention from others.

I had yet to realize these things about my mother, being that I was only about seven at the time. I had yet to grow resentful of her absence in my life, physically and emotionally. All that mattered to me at that age was that my mother was once again going away, and I wouldn’t have my mommy.

I wasn’t yet aware that I had never really had my mommy, but the implication that I had a mother still remained in my existence. And in case I may have needed her to kiss something better if I was to get hurt, or on the off-chance that she may have stayed home just one odd evening to perhaps watch a movie with me, I knew my hope would have to carry on much longer, until she returned once again, and hopefully would spend some time with me.

©D.G. Kaye May 2015