Reflections: Another Year Draws to an End – Happy New Year

Happy New Year


As this year of 2016 draws to an end, many of us will reflect on what has transpired in our lives in the last 12 months. We may re-evaluate some of the decisions we’ve made, take pride in our accomplishments, kick ourselves for things we didn’t get done, and be busy planning for the new year.


Personally speaking, this year has been one of the most challenging for me of any I can remember. The year started off exciting as my husband and I got to spend our dream winter vacation, 2 months in Arizona, and within one day of landing back home, our health related nightmares began, first with our both contacting Influenza on the airplane coming home, knocking us both out, me for almost 2 weeks and for him, setting off underlying issues which had him in and out of hospitals till mid May, and my almost losing him twice through his demise.

In the midst of the mayhem I was finishing my latest book and spent the summer in re-writes and edits and gathering oodles of information in defense of the Revenue Canada Agency audit that had been ongoing since the previous year, claiming being an author isn’t a job. Ya, pretty funny eh? Well after 14 months of that battle, I managed to win, not without costing thousands of dollars in accounting fees which proved to be almost as much as the government wanted back from me in the first place. And my husband’s audit is still in appeals since last year.

I spent a lot of time with my sister this year, trying to help her with her own unpleasant issues, health and otherwise, and even began writing a new book. I began doing my Sunday book reviews and weekly authors with a new book interviews, and had been invited to do several interviews myself, which was a thrill for me and a great boost to my book sales. And with all that’s gone on, I’ve been enduring my own health issues, residual effects of stress I’m told. I say that because I never know when to stop even though my body sends me the warning signs. So with that said, I know I have to come up with a new plan of action in the new year.

I have never taken a blogging break in almost 4 years. I always feel as though everything I’ve worked hard to build for my following and readership will disappear if I abandon the blogosphere, so I never stopped, even when on vacation. But I’ve done a lot of soul searching and I’ve seen other bloggers come and go on vacation and it seems their lives pick up where they’ve left off without others abandoning their blogs, so I think this winter when, hopefully we get another chance to go away again, with the expense it costs to do so and especially with extra insurance costs to make sure my husband is covered to travel with peace of mind, this time I’m going to take a time out and savor every moment of my vacation. I’m working on my plans for the new year.

I will continue my Friday author interviews until the end of January, and book reviews will become sporadic, as I finish one, I’ll review through January. And in hoping that our plans to leave for Florida in early February take off, I’ll be busy sorting out things to prepare for the trip, and of course PACKING, which is a full time job for me, LOL as many of you may know from my book, Have Bags, Will Travel  .

I’ll be around in January, so before I take off in February, I’ll write a post stating whatever I decide to do with blogging while away. I’m hoping to venture into some different promoting next year, finish writing another book, and extending my writing to doing some freelance content writing to supplement ‘the author income’. So I already know I have a full plate set for next year.

I’d like to take this moment to wish all of you a beautiful New Year. May it be filled with health, peace and happiness, and a little prosperity is always nice too.