Createspace for Self Publishing and Sticky Royalty Payments for Canadian Authors

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I’ve got this nagging peeve that I wanted to use my page here to beef about. It has to do with the royalty payment structure Createspace uses with Canadian authors. I find it quite unfair.



The situation is this: When a Canadian author self publishes a paperback version of their book with Createspace, we aren’t given the option for Direct Deposit for royalties accumulated. Our only option is to be paid by cheque…and their is a HUGE drawback. Royalties paid to Direct Deposit accounts are paid soon after royalties accrue past ten dollars, pounds, euros, depending on the currency books were purchased in. If you don’t have a Direct Deposit account, us Canadian authors have to wait until $100 is accrued in royalties in EACH currency to be paid by cheque.


When I first published with Createspace I wasn’t too thrilled about the lack of option for Canada but I had no choice if I wanted to publish there. When my book Conflicted Hearts came out I had sold some paperback copies through there as I was told it may take a week until the paperback version would be linked to the ebook version on Amazon. After Amazon linked the two versions it was much easier for people to purchase the paperback from Amazon than emailing me for a link where they could buy it elsewhere. Hence, all my paperbacks sold after the initial release of my book, had been sold off Amazon.

I am not one of the author types who checks her sales hourly or even daily on either site and quite frankly, when I visit my Createspace sales page, it just seems to light a fire in me. I had often emailed Createspace asking them why on earth they don’t have a Direct Deposit option for Canada, yet they have one for such countries such as U.K., Netherlands, Portugal, France and a few more. I mean geez, we are part of North America? The same responses came back with the usual, “We are sorry we don’t have that option now.” After awhile I would abandon my frustration and try not to think about it. So maybe once a month I pop by my page there to visit my $78 being held ransom until I hit the $100 mark so I can have my funds.



Today was one of those days I visited again and it pissed me off enough to write about it. I just don’t get it. I don’t think it’s fair and as an author I am trapped at their mercy.

I wanted to post about this, not only to vent (yes, it feels good!) but  also to put an awareness out for those who may not be quite aware of how the system works. I have given up emailing Createspace.

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As most self-published authors know, ebooks outsell paperback versions by a landslide, so it can take quite awhile for these paperback royalties to meet the threshold, particularly because paperback royalties bought anywhere other than from Createspace, are quite miniscule compared to Createspace purchasing. The cost of the book is the same everywhere but the royalties diminish. And I will also note although there doesn’t seem like a price advantage purchasing from Createspace, the shipping is cheaper and the author makes a higher royalty.

For the time being, I have added a “buy” link to my Conflicted Hearts page here. This will allow anyone who visits that page to purchase it directly from Createspace by the click of a button without having to surf around and look for the link. You can also click on my Meno-What? page and find a link there as well.



Have any of you faced this problem?

April 2015 addendum:

I have received a few questions regarding the tax holdback on royalties for Canadian authors. Please see Diane Tibert’s update on the new process for filling out tax exempt information now for author’s by Amazon.