Non-Conformity….When does it strike?

Today's thought

While washing the dishes the other night, I was going over a conversation I had previously with my husband and it made me wonder what it is that suddenly and/or silently hits us that we change our position on situations?

We were discussing a wedding that we have to attend, on his side of the family.  We were debating whether or not we should stay over night at a hotel because the venue is an hour and a half away from town.  Neither of us really wants to stay over because we both prefer our own bed and I especially wanted to relax and watch Sunday Football, one of my passions in life.  Summer’s end is the beginning of the long awaited NFL season to return after a seven month drought.

My husband wanted to have a few drinks at this wedding and I told him to make up his mind if we are staying over or not because there will be no drinking and driving.  He tried to coax me into driving home because I don’t drink but he never seems to understand the concept that I have bad night vision which hinders my ability to read highway signs, thus creating a huge amount of anxiety for me…..He pouts.  I tell him we will stay over but we will hit the road early so I can be back in time to get settled, get my proline tickets made and relax.  I proceeded to tell him that I am going for him because it doesn’t matter to me if we go or not.  He responded with, “Well, I don’t like going to your sister’s because  her dogs hang around the table when we eat.”  I said, “I know, but you go anyway, as I do, because that’s what you do when you are married.”

As I replayed the conversation back in my mind, I began to think back when we first were married.  It was a novelty then to go visit ‘family-in-law’.  It didn’t seem like a chore and it was something I usually looked forward to.  This made me wonder when did the tide change?  What happened and when did I stop caring to partake in these family functions?  I couldn’t pin an exact incident so it made me question, at what point in marriage do we begin to feel that we no longer share that appeal to participate in some family events? I wondered if it is because as we age, we seem to condense the number of people in our lives who are really important to us because life is really short. Time goes by so quickly and we cannot be everywhere and see everyone we really wish to spend time with so our time is very valuable and we become a little bit choosier where and when we spend it.
Just a thought.