UNSUNG LULLABYE – Ode to Conflicted Hearts


Conflicted Hearts Cover SMALL revisedThe cradle rocks, I am serene in these new surroundings; in this new world.

Peaceful it sounds, nothing in thought; for I am new here; not yet aware of the complications of life.

At first I crawl, then I take my first steps.
Confusion now stirs within, unsettling thoughts; the noise becomes louder.

I watch the children laugh and play as they are coddled by their mothers.

While my tummy churns, I do my chores and keep my words silent so that I may avoid the angry words for what I didn’t do well enough.

I’ve become a chess pawn in this game of life; a messenger between husband and wife.

The onus is on me to make it better; a child without the tools.

The hurts have tallied, enough guilt to carry for a lifetime.

It’s time to leave now and find my peace; in new surroundings, in a new world.