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I’m Featured at Sally Cronin’s -blog-magazine-open-house-sunday-interview-author-non-fiction-memoirs-d-g-kaye

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  Life has been a little chaotic this week and I haven’t completed reading a next book yet, possibly because I’m reading 3 at the same time, lol, so instead, I’m sharing my latest interview. I was thrilled to be invited to be a guest author at Sally Cronin’s Smorgasbord. One never knows what Sally […]

Stuck #Writing Your Author Bio? Try The (Totally Not Serious) Author Bio Generator | Journey To Ambeth

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  Helen Jones from Journey To Ambeth wrote a fun post about how to write an author bio.   “So I’ve been noticing a trend recently of, shall we say, somewhat overwrought author bios, in which every detail is teased into something magnificent, a picture of a life fabulously lived. I realise that there are, […]

An Interview with D.G. Kaye – Eagle Peak Press – Writing

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I was recently interviewed by author/blogger John Mayberry.  Besides John’s book writing, 2 blogs he runs and various forums he manages on Linkedin, he also runs an Ezine called Eagle Peak Press Quarterly. Below is a snippet of my interview on writing.   Quarterly: What do you find most challenging about being a writer? D.G. […]

On #The Writing Process

    I was recently invited to create a post on the craft of writing for The Ladders, an online company which networks with potential jobseekers.As a comprehensive career resource, they take pride in being able to assist any demographic with their job search no matter the field. As we all know, every writer has […]


Today's thoughts

  The still of our mind ascends far into flight, When the world is asleep in the wee hours of night.   The realm of subconscious where time has no measure, Where dreams and ideas float abundant in treasure.   With the rise of the dawn and awakening minds, We strive to hang on to […]


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9 GREAT WRITING TIPS PLUS … WHY ‘THE GREAT GATSBY’ WASN’T ‘THE GREAT GATSBY!!’ | THE BLOG OF AUTHOR COLIN FALCONER. I just love this post on Writing Tips from 9 of the best writers. Great advice for those of us when we are stuck in a moment, wondering if we should chop out words […]

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