Book Review #Self-esteem – Missi’s Dating Adventures – by Carol Balawyder

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If any of you have read my book, Words We Carry, you will know that the book is geared toward finding my own self-esteem, and how I got through an awkward childhood and teenage years by learning how to conquer my own insecurities. I share my lessons in hopes that I can encourage others to find that if we discipline ourselves to discover ways to overcome our shortcomings, we can truly help ourselves. I am all about overcoming adversity and encouraging others.


Carol Balawyder is a wonderful author and blogger and has written a series about women in midlife who find themselves single and in search of the perfect relationships. Missi’s Dating Adventures is about a midlife woman searching for a fulfilling relationship in the online world.

About Carol:

“Welcome to my website and blog.

I write about justice, mid-life dating, grief, blogs that inspire me both as a writer and a person, awesome writing workshops.

I have series on: How I Got Published, Femme Fatale, Nobel Prize Laureates, Writers’ Desks, Ten Great First Dates.


One of my goals is to make online friends with bloggers around the world of different religions, race and culture and talents….”  Read more about Carol here


Here is my review:    Reviews (2)                                                                              5 Stars


Poor Missi, in search of the perfect companion in the vast world of online dating. Missi invites us into her world as an intelligent, perhaps, overly compassionate woman who has taken to writing an online dating column with a culmination of stories from her own experiences. Missi doesn’t have much luck with the men she chooses to date, and although her dating stories are told with wit and humor, one can’t help but feel a sadness for her. I want to give her a big hug, as well as a good shake throughout the book. How many chances is one supposed to give to a guy who doesn’t appreciate the goodness of a good woman? You have to give her kudos for having the courage to continue to go on dates after reading about some of the losers she went out with and chose to stay too long at the dance with when her kindness was taken for granted. This book is a good lesson for those who don’t value their own self-worth enough, to learn not to sell yourself short for anyone.

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