Your job is simply to be ready – Kate Johnston – #Writing #Inspiration

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Today’s Blog share is a post from author/editor Kate Johnston. We are not alone when it comes to being overwhelmed by the never ending hours we spend working and struggling to keep up on every front. Kate has some words of inspiration for us, reminding us to take a breath and how to keep the joy in what we do. We must shift our mind thoughts to ‘when we are ready’ instead of constantly self-imposing too many deadlines.


Your job is simply to be ready


You are on the path you’re supposed to take today.

Enjoy today, enjoy the moments for what they are and allow them to bring forth what you need—whether you know what you need or not.

Breathe and on your exhale let go of whatever worry is on your mind. Maybe you’re behind on your word count goal. Maybe the lit agent hasn’t gotten back to you. Perhaps your characters have gone AWOL.

It’s okay. Believe that what is happening right now is what is meant to happen because you have proven yourself worthy of this challenge.

Your job is not to worry about when. Your job is not to worry about how. Your job, simply, is to be ready, whatever that might mean for you. Maybe you’re a spiritual person or not, and maybe you have a hard time giving over to an unseeable force. That’s okay. All you really need to know is that the power and intention is within you anyway.

You’re really only going to see this when you’re living and experiencing as many moments as you can in joy. If you’re constantly getting down on yourself for your bad luck or bad timing then there is no room for joy.

Things will happen for you when it’s the right time for you—not when you think it’s the right time. This is hard to swallow. We’re all on insane deadlines, aren’t we? Propped ticking clocks on the bedside of our dreams. We want things to happen in a certain time and space so that we can check that off on our Great List of Things To Do and move on to the next thing. . . continue reading



Source: Your job is simply to be ready – Kate Johnston