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The Haze

despair, grief

As we watched you sleep, far in distance, in another sphere,our own thoughts took us somewhere to a place in our hearts where we held you dear. I cannot help but wonder where your thoughts went in your silent slumber, and if you weren’t fully aware when you came back for sporadic moments. Perhaps you […]


Today's thoughts

  The still of our mind ascends far into flight, When the world is asleep in the wee hours of night.   The realm of subconscious where time has no measure, Where dreams and ideas float abundant in treasure.   With the rise of the dawn and awakening minds, We strive to hang on to […]

Simple Things

A smile to light up the soul A song to enlighten our memories A sunny day to help see the light Blooming flowers to remind us of nature’s beauty Words, ‘I love you’ to remind you, you’re special A gentle touch from someone to show they care Your birthday, in celebration that you are still living […]


  At day’s break, when air is silent, No sun, yet hidden in the sky. With daily life yet to begin, The promise of day’s gifts, hidden in fate. Our minds, still settled in serenity, Untouched with woe, hidden in our peace. Today what life will bestow upon us, a mystery awaits, Revealed at nightfall, […]

Wisdom and Aging

Today's thoughts

    Brittle bones and silvered hair, Display time’s imprints of life and wear. Knowledge accrued, from life sublime, Instilled wisdoms from remnants of time. The heart’s handbag, complete with joy and scar, Becomes a placeholder for love present and far. Compassion still with us, tucked in our heart, Memories we carry, some banished, some […]

The Seasons of Life Continue

Today's thoughts

Swirling leaves in air, encrusted in snow, Gardens are frozen, as howling winds blow. Autumn’s delight, a fragmented past, Golden hues dissipate, into a season of last. Summer’s light, now brings early dark, Gone are the lyrics of the passing lark. Now bundled up, some mittens lost, No longer is green, a fade to frost. […]

Ashes – Ode to my father

Today's thoughts

  He comes to me through scent of smoke, with hurried beats, my heart evokes. Though decades past, time is still, the missing years, my heart does fill. Memories and laughter pass through my mind, Unsettled pasts, yet still I find, Remembered moments which touch my heart, Your scent of smoke reminds, we’re not far […]

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