The Fire and “The Lady”


 My point of view

Do you believe in spirits? Have you ever sensed a ghost in your home?

Many people are skeptical about ghosts until they actually encounter an experience that they have no other explanation for. I always believed in spirits. I may have been skeptical when I was younger, but through the years, I have had encounters several times with my dear father who had passed more than twenty years ago. Those encounters were enough for me to banish any skepticism that I had.

My sister is very different than me in many ways, especially her beliefs in ghosts. She never acquired ‘the gift’ of having a sixth sense and many times throughout our lives, she’d laugh at my stories and tell me I was crazy.

Something changed when she moved into her current house over twenty years ago. She began to experience weird occurrences with electronics in her home. Often, her kids would watch TV in the basement and hear strange noises from upstairs when nobody else was home. Their TV had shut off and turned on many times through the years and they witnessed the channels changing on the TV, landing on bizarre stations, usually pertaining to death, right in the middle of watching a taped movie.

Through the years, my sister and her family began to accept the fact that a spirit was living in their home, and my sister no longer denied her belief in spirits. She had occasionally noticed an odd shadow cast on her bedroom wall which had no bearing on sunlight coming through the window. She said it was in the shape of a woman, so she decided that the presumed ghost in her house was of the same woman.

Fast forwarding to a few months ago, something very frightening, yet bizarre happened. While my sister and her boys were out at work, a fire started in her home. It was an unseasonably hot day and her air conditioner had also been broken and off for quite some time. My nephew had left the controller of one of his gaming devices on his dresser when he went to work. According to the firemen, these controllers have the propensity to explode in extreme heat. While the house was hot, the sun beamed through my nephew’s window and apparently caused the controller to explode.

Nobody knew there was a fire while the two dogs were alone with it in the house. My sister and her boys came home from work and while she started dinner, my nephew went upstairs to take a shower. He opened his bedroom door and was overwhelmed by the blackness of smoke and ashes strewn throughout his room. Nothing was left unblackened. He saw that the controller had melted itself into an imprint, burned right into the dresser where the fire began. Yet, somehow it didn’t continue to spread and by some miracle went out on its own.

Look at this picture:


It is The Lady.

The same shadow my sister had seen appear on her bedroom wall was now branded into my nephew’s dresser top.

Although the fire went out, my sister called the fire department. The firemen couldn’t fathom how a fire could start and burn with nobody home all day, and not burn the house down.

There was no logical explanation. But my sister knew instinctively that The Lady had saved her home and dogs. If you look closely at the picture, you may spot a skeleton-like skull near where the stomach would be. My sister is convinced that The Lady lived on her property years ago before the land was developed, and thinks that perhaps The Lady lost a child there, keeping her spirit around, thus protecting the home.

I can’t argue with this theory. Do you have any better explanations? Have you encountered spirits?