Are you familiar with the Writing/Editing App – Prowritingaid?


Today I want to talk about a most helpful writing app I use called Prowritingaid . This is a wonderful writing/editing app which you purchase a licence for to use and then you download it into your Word program and/or your WordPress blog dashboard so the editing tools will display on your editing toolbars. The licence is also not limited to one computer which is a big bonus.


Having Prowritingaid in your arsenal of editing tools is immensely helpful for a multitude of writing sins. It’s more than a spell-checker offering suggestions for grammar checks, sticky sentences, fragmented sentences, repeated words, thesaurus suggestions and so much more.


Once you’ve downloaded the product you will receive explicit instructions on how to install it.


You can view just some of the apps capabilities to aid in your writing HERE


This is what your editing toolbox will look like when you download the Prowritingaid app to your blog’s dashboard. You will notice all the tools available to edit your posts, many more than the standard tools in our dashboards.


I received an email from Prowritingaid  recently, offering anyone who signs up for a licence for this app to receive 20% off if you purchase it through the month of May. If you sign up directly through this link*|USERID|*  I too will earn brownie points toward my licence with extending the service to me for one free month for each person who signs up. Just use Code word FRIENDS


Are any of you using this App? If so, how beneficial do you find it to your writing?


If you’re considering purchasing this app or just want to have a look around the website to get a broader scope of its capabilities, please do so from the link they’ve sent me here which they’ve coded to track who purchases through my link so I can gain the credits. Thanks and happy writing!

Here is that link again:*|USERID|* 


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