Sunday Book Review – Diamonds are for Now by Ruth Harris

Welcome to my Sunday Book Review. Today I’m reviewing Ruth Harris’s Book 3 in her Cozy in the City series – Diamonds are for Now. With a host of colorful and interesting characters, this book will keep us turning the pages as we too are curious to find out, where is Hoad?



When the world’s most famous author of bestselling thrillers, Hoad Powell, disappears on a billionaire’s heavily-guarded private island in the Caribbean, Blake and Ralph must find him.

Is he dead?

Or is he alive?

What happened to him?

Why hasn’t he finished his newest blockbuster? Thousands of jobs are on the line and millions of readers want to know.

Who is the glamorous arms dealer who sells tactical nukes to terrorists, dictators, and rogue militias around the world?

What about the mysterious, veiled woman who wears a diamond bracelet worth more than some countries?

And how is the daring robbery at an exclusive Oscar post-party connected?

Will Blake and Ralph succeed in their quest?

Or will they fail?

And what will happen when oh-so-macho Ralph finds out that Blake is making more money than he does?

My 5 Star Review:

This book was a fun romp in the Cozy in the City meets Women’s Fiction series by Ruth Harris. Although this is book three in the series, it’s a standalone story involving the two PR ladies – Blake and Julia, who are on a mission to find out what happened to best selling author, Hoad Powell and the final chapter of his manuscript they are awaiting to get published and promote.

There are a host of colorful characters in this story, from George the publisher, and Jay the agent, and Steve, Jay’s son who is suddenly, taking over his father’s business, leaving others to wonder if he indeed knows what has happened to that missing chapter. Where is Hoad?

All we know is that Hoad was writing this book on his boat in the Caribbean at Goldeneye in Jamaica, and he ditched his boat, mysteriously, just before it blew up along with one of its employees who we find out had escaped working in a Russian diamond mine. Why did Hoad leave his boat and stay on the mysterious man and his girlfriend’s boat – to continue to write about what he’d discovered about the very people he was staying with, and not get in touch with anyone looking for him? And what is up with that mysterious rich man with his even richer girlfriend named Diamond, wearing diamonds worth more than a country? Where did all these funds and diamonds come from? Well that’s exactly what Hoad has been investigating and basing his book – Diamond Reef about.

Blake and her ex-cop husband Ralph, now working for a private security firm, are trying to sleuth out this mystery. Where is Hoad Powell? The manuscript is running out of time to meet publication date, and coincidentally, there was a huge robbery that had taken place at the Academy Awards where someone wearing a Cary Grant face mask is elusive and suspected as the robber of all the jewels and gems worn by the nominees at the reception party. How on earth does this diamond heist fit in with the mystery about where Hoad disappeared to with his manuscript in the Caribbean?

Lots going on in this entertaining mystery and Harris draws us right into the scenes with both, some shady, unsuspecting and suspicious characters. Could Steve, the agent taking over his father Jay’s business be behind this? Wait! Might the new office space Becca is leasing from some shady building owner have something to do with this?

Harris keeps us entertained and busy following the lives of agents, publishers, authors, PR gals, investigators, Russian oligarchs, and of course, Hoad, the author in this herd of characters that all share a stake in this hot manuscript mystery they are all awaiting.

The New #Plagiarism: Protection for Indie Authors – BookWorks



Here is a wonderful article written by Ron Callari about the era we live in with the ease and availability we have as writers to use copy and pasting from articles we find interesting to apply to our own works. The article focuses on what’s legal, and talks about whether or not it should be the obligation of the  publisher to discover if some part of a publication has been plagiarized.


“Here’s the question: Can others copy our work and claim it as their own? Or should Kindle and other self-publishing platforms have the capability to detect duplications [plagiarism] in a manuscript and decline to publish it. . .” – See more by clicking the link below:


The New Plagiarism by Ron Callari written for

Source: The New Plagiarism: Protection for Indie Authors – BookWorks


D.G. Kaye © 2015

Author Interrupted


They say, ” what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. After these past few months, I’m thinking I should be made of kryptonite by now.


This has certainly been one summer that has passed me by. I’m not sure if it’s the planets colliding, or that ‘Murphy’ hasn’t hopped on my shoulder, but certainly some bad entity has entered my orbit.

bin-160461_640 (2)



It’s been an ongoing love affair since June with me and the good old government. In early June I was randomly selected for an audit. I’d never been audited in my life, and oddly enough, since I only began submitting expenses for my book writing two years ago, my number came up—for a two year audit.

I have an accountant that looks after mine and my husband’s affairs and he is very efficient and a stickler for staying within guidelines. To help curb costs, I do a lot of the legwork involved in preparing for him to do taxes, and so naturally, that meant me digging through, photocopying, and matching receipts in what feels like a mountain of paperwork.


After all was prepared and sent, I received notification that my ‘author business’ wasn’t a business. Really? So I’ve worked day and night for almost the last three years building a platform, reaching out to readers and writing books and apparently that isn’t work in the eyes of the government. I was mortified at their reply and charge back. After speaking with a helpful agent on the phone about my dismay, I was instructed to write a letter and resend for another check. This resubmission is now once again in their hands.

It seems our tax department has a theme of businesses to check on, which changes every few years. Apparently, these past two years have been the theme of ‘authors and bloggers’. Me, being the one in a million girl for things to happen to (for everything except winning lotteries), was one of the chosen.


Within two days of hearing about my submission declined, my husband got notification that he was now being assessed for three years. Was this a coincidence? I think not. If I thought I’d already been to hell and back, I’ve been knee-deep in the process once again; this time a lot more difficult as his income entails a lot more detail than mine. After spending a week in search mode for all his paperwork, I’m buried in putting together everything requested to prepare for the accountant.

These last two weeks have been unbearable; sucking every ounce of life and joy out of me. My newest book was supposed to be published already, and in between this mess I’ve left my graphic artist midway in my cover design and my editor in long delays between responses to edit. Who the heck can concentrate?

I’ve tried to keep up with reading blogs at night, and social media, but the truth is I can’t concentrate on anything until I get this task finished. My nerves are shattered, my intestines are knotted, and I don’t remember the last time I slept through the night.

So, with this all being said, I’m sure you can appreciate that my gravatar has been a little sparse lately on many of your blogs. I just wanted to let you all know that I haven’t disappeared completely off the map, and when I get through these next few weeks, I’ll be back with a vengeance. Until such time, just know that your comments don’t go unnoticed, and when I get a spare moment where I get some ‘me’ time, I’ll be circulating around the blogosphere.

Miss you guys!


Wrapping up the Year



Me and my books

It was a year today that I anxiously opened the box that came by UPS moments before my hub and I were heading out the door for Christmas Eve dinner with family. Copies of my very first book I published, Conflicted Hearts, were in that box. I couldn’t wait to open it.

I remember taking off my jacket and tearing the box apart. I also remember the elation I felt when I held my very own books in my hand for the first time. As tears slid out from the corners of my eyes, I couldn’t remember another time I felt so proud. I reminisced over the year before when I began writing the book and the long months I put into revisions, editing, working on a book cover, formatting, and finally, publishing. It was a long tedious process and I had done it.

Now another year has passed. As I look back on my accomplishments, I sometimes feel that I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to. I know it was a difficult year as we spent many of my husband’s free days looking for a place to move to and when we finally found the right place, the game was on to get things in order and ready my own home for sale and pack.

This year my husband buried a daughter, a sister, a niece and I buried my mother. There were many difficult times in our life to overcome. When I look back on the year and feel as though I didn’t accomplish all I wanted to, I was kindly reminded by some good friends of all that I had accomplished.

When I really thought about it and allowed myself to take some credit, I realized how full my year was. I came back from winter vacation and began revisions on my second book, while writing my third book. My husband and I took a little jaunt to Arizona to check out the place we loved which inspired us to sell our home so we could begin spending winters there next year. By mid October I had become the published author of three books within one year, did many interviews with some wonderful writers and bloggers, kept up my blogging, got my house ready to sell, packed up my house and almost finished writing my fourth book.

No, I didn’t perfect my media kit yet, and no, my plans to publish my fourth book by year’s end didn’t pan out and those kinds of things that ruin my self-imposed deadlines really tend to eat away at me. So I am learning patience and learning that I am only human and I cannot take on everything at once single handedly.

I am moving the day after New Years. I will unpack for a few weeks, then pack up for my longgggggggg awaited winter vacation, plop my azz on a beach and exhale. I will return mid February and then I will get my writing back on track, at regular daily word count writes, complete my fourth book and aim to have it published by late spring and continue working on my fifth book, the sequel to Conflicted Hearts, which will take me the better part of the year to complete.

Life goes by us very quickly, and especially for writers who look for stolen hours or minutes sometimes, to put their craft to work. I’ve lost count how many writers ask for the same one thing—more hours in a day. It’s great to take stock of our lives sometimes when we are always rushing to get on to the next thing. I know I have been guilty of this many times, always worrying about what I have to do and giving myself deadlines to do them, and finding life sometimes gets in the way of our good intentions and we have to revise our plans. But sometimes we need to stand still, take a pause and take a look of what we’ve accomplished and stop being so hard on ourselves.

shareasimage (4 dont forget to count

To all my friends and readers here, I wish you all a very happy holiday season and wish you all only happiness and health, foremost, for the coming year and always. Be kind to others, but remember to be kind to yourselves. Live Laugh Love, and Don’t Forget to Breathe!


As a side note, I’d like to inform you all that Words We Carry is on Holiday Sale starting today until Dec. 28th. This is my own promotion, not a kindle promo, so the sale is available globally.

Merry Bookmas!

The 10 Biggest Mistakes New Authors Make | Nicholas C. Rossis


Today I’m sharing a very informative post I came across on my friend and author Nicholas Rossis’ blog. He reposted this post from Cindy Bates’ website. Cindy is a freelance writer and blogger who has written this post identifying issues new writers might come across. She covers the top ten mistakes writers make from writing, to proofreading to publishing.


The 10 Biggest Mistakes New Authors Make | Nicholas C. Rossis.

Announcing My First ‘Free’ Day

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 12.54.19 PM


I wanted to write a little post here about my first two weeks as an accomplished self-published author. First I will start by saying the feeling of accomplishment after working diligently to get my book out into the world in the past six months is exhilarating. Secondly, I will openly state that writing the book was the most fun part and if you think editing and revisions and book covers and formatting isn’t a small feat compared to writing, it doesn’t end there.

As writers we are constantly working our brains and are seldom found without a pen in hand for a fleeting thought that may cross our minds when we are perhaps doing something completely off topic, yet we must be prepared to grasp the moments when those juicy morsels of thought come our way. For me, when I am absorbed in some of life’s daily matters, the ideas and thoughts about my new book(s) I am writing and ideas are always on the backburner in my brain, anticipating when whatever it is I have to do at the moment can be done so I can get back to writing.

But writing a new book cannot have all your attention because we also have to keep up with the babysitting of our first book. Our work is never done. If we are adamant about our book being shared in the world, it is also our job to work on exposure for that book, thus marketing and promotions. These are all time consuming parts of the business that we must learn and adapt to and keep up with the trends so we can direct our energies to what methods are a best fit for our works and genre. And so, the life of a writer is a constant. If we are serious about our work there are no vacations, okay we can take vacations but I know when I had two little getaways this past year, my laptop came with me as well as my kindle full of ‘must read’ material. But I do believe everybody needs a break sometime, so if we can prioritize our time wisely and still find some time to have fun, we can rejuvenate ourselves and also being on vacation can open up a new part of the brain to some new experiences which every writer knows is a dream come true.

Everyone tends to form their own schedules what works best for them but for me, I find I can’t stay away from writing too long because I’m afraid it will either make me lazy or I get overwhelmed with the amount of work I’ll have to catch up on if I leave it too many days. So I strive to get something done everyday so I don’t get backlogged. My social life has shrunk exponentially this past year as my days are spent attending to life matters and writing and by night I trade up for my social media and marketing hats. Life of a writer….I love it, thrive in it and I am driven to learn this business and succeed!


On another note, I am over the moon with the reviews my book has been receiving, especially since it has only been two weeks and I am pretty much an unknown author to the cyber world. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank so many of you out there for supporting my efforts and getting my book and giving me inspiring feedback. For those of you who haven’t had a chance or perhaps were hesitant on taking a chance on reading my book, I’d like to let you all know in advance here that my book Conflicted Hearts will be making its first ‘FREE’ debut on Amazon this Friday January 10th! Yup, you are getting the scoop here first! So for those of you who have been sitting on the fence, please don’t hesitate to take advantage of this ‘One Free Day’ on Friday and if you like the book please don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon and feel free to drop by here and comment to me.

Thanks for your kind support!

January FP Badge

Copy-editors: What They Really Do | Catherine, Caffeinated


Copy-editors: What They Really Do | Catherine, Caffeinated.


This  is an excellent post from, her interview with Robert Doran on the importance of Copy Editing.

Turning Off The Noise- Writing


Getting back to writing……..ahhh. This is where I belong; back in my element. No computer, no phones, leaving aside the publishing work for a day………I got to write. I hadn’t worked on my second book for almost two weeks and found it calling out to me for days as the urge to get my pen back on paper was trumping my urgency to prepare for my first book’s publication. I know that every writer has their own style of how to organize their time and work. I know, I know, we must write everyday! But as the time comes closer to meeting my deadlines for November publication of Conflicted Hearts, my days and nights are all consumed with it.

Today was my ‘writer’s play day’. It was a glorious feeling to push everything else aside and just WRITE. The words never failed me, they continued to spill. I wrote a new chapter, three blog posts and an ode to my upcoming book. Oh how gratifying to know that I can still write, the clarity was there. If anything, the break had re-enforced my writing with lightning speed. These are the moments as writer’s, we dream of, as we create with no blocks to hinder our craft.

Total accomplishments for the day: Five hours writing = 3 blog posts, 3000 words for my book, one ode – priceless. A stellar day! Tomorrow, back to publishing!