A Post About Reblogging



I’m writing this post because it has come to my attention several times by some of my readers that they occasionally wanted to reblog some of my posts but commented that there was no ‘reblog‘ button on my page to share.

As readers and writers, we are not all technically gifted and that little button makes it easy to share the blog instantly to your own blog. Unfortunately, when someone owns their own domain, that is, not having their blog on WordPress.com, they aren’t afforded the ability to add a ‘reblog‘ button from the plugins in their dashboards. When I first moved to my own site from WordPress, I had installed a plugin called repost to enable readers to copy my blog post over to their own blog. That button has since become invalid as the owner of the plugin discontinued it, hence I have removed it.

You may notice on many writer’s self-owned blogs, that there isn’t a reblog button on their pages. But there is in fact a way for everyone to be able to reblog any post using “Press This“. This is a tool you can download from your “tools” widget in your dashboards of your blogs which will install a little icon on your tool bar, or you can save to your favourites, wherever you choose it to go.

I use this handy little marklet myself for reblogging other’s posts. All I do is when I’m on a post that I’d like to reblog, is go to my favourites, scroll to “Press This”, click on it, and a screen pops up asking me if I’d like to save or publish the article of the page I am on. It’s that easy and convenient. I then save it so that when I’m ready to put the post together, the link to the blog has been saved to my drafts.

I hope this helps many of you. And remember, the courtesy of reblogging is to always link back to the person’s website in the post where you took the article from. This gives them the recognition for their work that has been shared on your page. This helps immensely to avoid copyright infringements, and beware that there are certain posts that you may have to obtain their permission to use.

When I reblog someone else’s post, I like to message them and let them know I have reposted their work, as a courtesy. Now, feel free to reblog this. πŸ™‚

Click on the highlighted “Press This” ifΒ you’d like to read more about “Press This