The Sunday Show – A Funny Thing Happened to Author D.G. Kaye

Thank you

The Sunday Show – A funny thing happened to author D.G. Kaye

I’d like to thank Sally Cronin  of the esteemed blog Smorgasbord – Variety is the Spice of Life for inviting me to and interviewing me for her series, The Sunday Show.

Once a week Sally interviews writers and artists for some in-depth interviews, and as part of the interview she leaves the interviewee with a question to elaborate on: A funny thing happened to “. . . ” for the artist to share a poignant, humorous, or in my case, a story about serendipity.

I have reposted the interview here from Sally’s page.

My guest today is Canadian memoir and nonfiction author and blogger D.G. Kaye (D.G.). It is clear that D.G delights both the women she writes for and I suspect the men who sneak a peek with her down to earth and often humorous look at life. There is also a serious side that comes across in D.G’s books and in her blog posts that strips back the layers that are formed in relationships. Those that are good for us and those that are harmful. I will take a closer look at her writing later in the introduction.” . . .