What’s Your #Workspace Like?

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A writer’s space is usually one where they spend much of their time, if they’re working full-time at home like I am.

I was recently inspired to write a post about my workspace by a company named We Work. They are a company that provides people with temporary work spaces, for personal use, or for seminars. What a neat concept, no long-term commitments or leases. They have locations available across many of the United States, and some countries now in Europe. Taking stock of my little space I’m now working in, I’m thinking how nice that possibility sounds to have my own private getaway space. But for now, I won’t worry about that until I start selling a gazillion more books!

my copyrights
Proudly displays her copyrights on four books.

office desk My set-up is designed for my sometimes, scattered functionality. As many of you know I like to write my books and blogs out in longhand. I try to allot designated time to my writing, but I often find myself jumping between writing, and back-and-forth to my desktop computer or laptap to look up something. In between those times, I’m on my computer for lengthy times, either editing what I’ve written or reading numerous emails, publications, and working with my social media platforms. books My space has changed from the way it used to be. I moved into a condo earlier this year, after living in a house for almost two decades. Gone now is my once big office and space. My cabinets and files are now stowed away in a third bedroom, which I like to call ‘the storage room,’ and my desktop and bookshelves have taken up residency in a cornered off section of my living room. books mine When I need to sort out chapters from my manuscript, I have the use of my long dining room table to accommodate me. If it gets out of hand for space (like it had not too long ago while I was reorganizing chapters of my latest upcoming book,) I resort to creating piles on the floor. Wow, am I prehistoric or what? But it’s quaint, and it works. dining room Many times while I’m out, I stop at one of my favorite coffee houses to pick up a soy latte. I always take notice of the many people sitting at tables, engaged in working on their laptops. I often wonder if any of them are writers, besides the students working on their papers, and many others just having a coffee and playing on social media. I know many writers like to go to a coffee house to work sometimes. I’ve sometimes considered doing that, but somehow, I never have. I find working in a social environment too distracting. For me, writing is a solo act. When I’m working, I like to have my reference books handy. I’m sure it’s part of my being a packrat. And I don’t intend on packing a suitcase just to sit at a café and work. I don’t turn on the TV or radio during the day, as I find it can be an easy distraction. It’s already enough that I have to put up with the constant clatter of machinery from the outside renovations being done to our complex. The on-and-off again sounds of drilling and jackhammering up old cement often grates on my concentration. I set up a schedule each night of the things I want to accomplish the following day. And I usually stick to it, if life’s pressing matters don’t interfere. I treasure the moments of silence from outside, and try to get most of my daily writing done in between those workers’ outside, lunch hours, and upon their daily departure. These days, I’m especially liking the rainy days, when there’s no work being done out there. And on some other days, I sometimes pay heed to some advice staring me in the face as I go to take another sip of coffee: mug life isnt measured It says: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths                                                   we take, but by the number of moments that take our                                                   breath away.”

Thank you We Work, for taking interest in my space. We Work locations

And how are your spaces working out for you writers and bloggers?   DGKaye©July 2015