Writers Need Hugs too! -The BIG BLOGGER BASH COMPETITION 2017

Blogger's Bash Competition 2017


Oh yes, it’s coming back, The Annual Blogger’s Bash will be held this June 10th in London, England! Are you going? Although I live ‘across the pond’ a fair distance away from here in Toronto, you bet your sweet bippy I’m doing everything in my power to get there!

I must get there! Why? I’m overdue to expand my horizons and step out of my writerly perimeters and go where many of my friends reside behind my computer screen, the friends who often keep me sane.

Writers need hugs too! Blogging friends are the ones who can identify with a writer’s struggles, the friends we can turn to when we need a dose of inspiration, or a smiley face and a heart to remind us they get what we do, what we go through as writers. These are the friends we can bounce ideas off of, rant to about our work, and WordPress and computer woes. And these are the friends who cheer us on for our accomplishments, pick us up when we’re in self-doubt mode, and share our work.

That said, how long do we have to know someone before we could burst from wanting to share a real cup of coffee (or wine?) with our friends, the ones we spend most of our writing days communicating with?

Well, this blogger wants more than just virtual hugs! It’s no different when geographically-crossed lovers build a relationship online and reach that point where they have to meet in person because virtual is no longer enough. There’s just too much to say that our fingers couldn’t possibly type as fast as our mouths can gab when we crave the real-time human interaction. This is why I’m going to meet my long-time close friends for the first time, and make new friends with others I’m not already acquainted with.

It’s time to hug my virtual pals and bring their characters to real life! I’m especially excited to meet my good friends, like my great galpal Sally Cronin  Sally Cronin

Hoping my dear friend Tina Frisco with the beautiful soul can make it

Author Tina Frisco


My sweet as Sherri pie friend Sherri Mathews  Sherri Mathews

My fiesty, firecracker of a friend, Sacha Black  Sacha Black

My dashing and debonair friend Hugh Roberts  Hugh Roberts


And my other dashing and debonair friend, and great supporter of my writing, Christoph Fischer

Christoph Fischer

Oh my, I’m blessed to have so many wonderful friends to visit at the Bash, there are so many I can’t wait to meet, just to name a few more:  Ali, Marje, Judy, Sue, Stevie, Olga, Judith, Kevin and so many more. I know before I return home I will have made so many more friendships.

It also helps that my best friend for over 35 years, San (affectionately referred to as ‘Zan’ in my books), moved to the UK almost 2 decades ago. I’ll be staying at her place in Kent, giving me a chance to catch up with her, and a place to leave my many bags, lol. I wouldn’t even be surprised if I could get her to come along to the Bash!

Dynamic duo


Soooooooooo, all those hearts and smileys will soon be coming to real life! And like my bestie, San, always says before I’d come to visit her in England, “Warn the country! Debby is coming to town!”


***Note***** – This post was written for a submission to the Blogger’s Bash Competition. Please follow this link to read more about The Bash and how you can enter a story for this fun event. And I hope to see many of you there!!!!



7 Things You Need To Know to Master Your Genre’s #Book Cover | Sacha Black

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In case you’re not aware, Sacha Black runs a blog and a newsletter with a wealth of information on just about every topic you can think of on the art of writing.


Every week Sacha shares her discoveries, thoughts, wisdoms and critiques. She also posts writing challenges, and is currently working on several books for publication, at the same time. She’s brilliant, funny, quick with words, and doesn’t hold back with her emotions or her saucy language sometimes, and those are all wonderful attributes that comprise Sacha Black.


Now, for this edition of Sacha’s, I thought I’d share her logic and wisdom and research on the art of choosing covers for your books. Go grab a coffee, sit back, scroll and enjoy!


Book cover




Book covers are without doubt, THE most important marketing decision you’ll make. F**k it up, and you can watch your readers Foxtrot Oscar into the sunset, never to return to your bookshelf! So, I’m sharing my research and the lessons I’ve learnt in preparing to have my book cover designed.


Know your genre. I know. Sounds like I took my stupid pill this morning cause of course you know. But seriously, think about it. You go into a bookstore and you can identify ‘your’ spot, you know the exact location your fave books will be in, just by looking at the shelves. No one reads the signs anymore, we just look at the covers! Continue Reading 


P.S. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to her most informative and NEVER boring newsletter while you’re there!


Source: 7 Things You Need To Know to Master Your Genre’s Book Cover | Sacha Black

4 Top Tips For #Self-Publishing Your First Book With @Pokercubster | Sacha Black

Self pub tips

Hey guys and gals, I’m guest hosting over at Sacha Black’s blog today. Sacha is overworked getting her new book ready for publication and has taken off on a leisurely long weekend to Paris for a girl time, something I could use badly! So Sacha had invited me to write a post and guest host in her absence. I’m talking about building an author platform and some important self publishing tips.


Have a read below and then click on the link to continue reading at Sacha’s place. I’ll also be turning comments off here so you can leave them at Sacha’s blog.


Writers have a shit load of decisions to make:

Who to kill today, knife em or hang em, daily word count totals, book prices, whether to drown your book blurbing sorrows with vodka or wine… the list goes on.

But one of the biggest of all decisions of all is whether you’re going to run the rat race to traditional publishing, or  push the shiny red button yourself and claim the indie badge.

I made my decision. My blood runs thick with indie colours.

Publishers have their place, I’ll never see my books in a store *weeps* but that sure as shit ain’t enough of a reason for me to go begging book in hand to their doorstep.

Maybe there will come a time when I might need them and I’ll wander up tail between my word covered thighs. But I haven’t slaved over my book for two sodding years, only to be told what cover I’m having, or when I can market or change the price or a myriad other things that would piss me off and I certainly ain’t accepting the 79p pittance for a book sale.

When this goes live, I’ll be in Paris, so your comments might be delayed in appearing.

Today’s lovely guest is the gorgeous and totally glam, Debby. Someone who has become a dear friend to me through the blogging world and one I truly hope to meet her.

Debby is a self-published author who has taught me more than a thing or two over the time I’ve known her. Today she’s giving us top tips on self-publishing. CONTINUE READING HERE

Source: 4 Top Tips For Self-Publishing Your First Book With @Poker cubster | Sacha Black

Impossibly Connected – #Auras, #Energy and #Universal Life Forces | Sacha Black

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My fascinating friend and writer, Sacha Black, wrote this post about Universal Life Forces. In this article Sacha discusses the source of energy which guides our intuition and gut instinct. In the post you will also find an intriguing video she has attached which will teach you a little bit on how to see auras.


“I’ve had more than one of those jaw dropping moments. The excuse me while I demonstrate my gormless look and allow my brain to crap itself.


I’m talking about when you meet someone for the first time and are so overwhelmed by the ‘we must have been separated at birth‘ feeling that your soul has an orgasm over this impossible, unearthly connection.


I’m not sure I even have the word to describe?! But I’m better you know what I mean.


It’s not always positive either, have you ever met someone, or seen someone from across a room, and taken an instant dislike to them? . . .” Continue Reading

Source: Impossibly Connected – Auras, Energy and Universal Life Forces | Sacha Black

4 Easy Steps to Seriously Awesome #Blog Post #Photos | Sacha Black

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Friend and writer Sacha Black has put together a post with a wealth of information for bloggers who are always on the lookout for great photos to add to their blogs. She points out where we can obtain free photos as well as paid. Check out some of Sacha’s other wonderful posts. Besides great information, Sacha is a wonderful writer and does some fabulous interviews with authors. Surely, a blog to offer something for every reader.

Sacha Black… Writer, Thinker, Lover of the Strange and Unusual (by Sacha Black)

Blog post pictures. They are, if you don’t know how to do them, a bit of a mystery.

I have had a couple of lovely compliments recently about the photos I use to start my posts, (thank you, and blush!). But what it’s resulted in, is me sharing my photo tweaking knowledge with others. So I thought it might be useful to share that knowledge with everyone else.

If you would like to know how to make photos like mine, or ones in your own style, then read on……

Source: 4 Easy Steps to Seriously Awesome Blog Post Photos | Sacha Black

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