Writer’s Tips – #Blogging Tips, #Scam Alerts, #Editing, Show and Tell

Welcome to this edition of Writer’s Tips where I collect and curate articles I come across in my reading travels, and share the good stuff for my readers here. This edition is jam-packed with goodies and has some great information on trending scam alerts, information for bloggers to help keep our blogs safe, tricks to help with Word doc snags, authors unite on editing and head-hopping sharing what they anticipate back from editors – from some of the best in the biz, and as always, more!


Author Melodie Campbell is guest featured at Anne R. Allen’s blog, helping us clear up the sticky bits in our books – looking at acts, scenes, and messy middles.

My Novel is a Mess! How to Survive the Chaos Point in your Novel


Also on the blog of Anne R. Allen, by Anne, –  Are we confusing readers by writing in too many characters? Learn how not to confuse readers.

Does Your Novel Confuse Readers with “Too Many” Characters? 8 Ways to Unconfuse Them.


Kate Johnston is breaking it down – the difference between show and tell when book-writing.



Roz Morris has a great author feature where specialized writers share their experiences on receiving back the manuscript after the editor has been through it. What to expect.



Jacqui Murray shares a great list of suggested books for a writer’s arsenal in this edition of her ToolTips



Blogging guru, Hugh Roberts is back with some new information on keeping our blogs safe.



Kathy Steinemann has a Microsoft Word trick for those encountering long waits when saving a document.



Natalie Ducey has another helpful post for authors, – How to get ebooks in various formats onto WordPress. 



And last but never least, Stevie Turner found and shared a great article on finding out if our emails have been hacked.




Writer’s Tips – Scams, Video Marketing, Book Selling, Photo Library

Welcome to this month’s edition of Writing Tips. Learn about why Amazon isn’t the only game in town from 111 Publishing. Hugh Roberts is back with more great blogging tips. Two great posts from Nicholas Rossis on email video marketing and how to get our digital signatures for documents. And I took the liberty of sharing an important scam alert in these times of Coronavirus where many dirtbags take advantage of ripping off people by email.


Doris Heilmann of 111 Publishing with information on diversifying when it comes to selling books.

Are You Still Selling Books Only Via Amazon?



Nicholas Rossis shares the value in Video Email Marketing. Is it the next best thing?



Hugh Roberts, blogging guru, offers up 21 Great Ways to spruce up our blogs!



Hugh Roberts with blogging tips on how to access a secret photo library right in your WordPress dashboard.




Another great find from Nicholas Rossis is Wondershare Sign X. Ever have a document that requires a digital signature and wish you didn’t have to print, sign and scan back? Nicholas shares a helpful app.



And last of all. I came across this informative article from Norton Antivirus, informing and alerting about the new Corona cyber scams going on with emails. Get informed so you don’t get caught!