Are You Really Following my #Blog? – WordPress vs. Self Hosting


I thought I’d give a shout out here to my wonderful reader and blogger friends about following this blog.


As we all know, it’s an honour to have people come visit and read our words on our pages. We all know it takes time to build a readership and a following.

I am blessed to have you all spend your valuable time reading my posts, and I’d like to keep it that way by clearing up some confusion about following my blog.

It’s come to my attention in these past few months, that gratefully, I’ve accumulated several more followers. The strange part about this is that they aren’t signing up (right side bar) to ‘follow this blog’. They are somehow still finding my old page ‘Cubby’s Corner’ on WordPress and being redirected to this new self hosted blog of mine.

I have tried several times to rectify this issue with WordPress so that they would close off that page on, which will eventually stop the redirect to here. When they finally stop redirecting my readers here (and they will), unless followers have signed up to receive my posts, or have to type in the link, to specifically get here, they won’t be fed my posts through WordPress reader any longer. It will seem as though I’ve vanished, BUT I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE!

If you enjoy my blog and wish to keep up with my posts, please join my blog on the right hand sidebar here, so you won’t miss any posts. I usually post only twice a week, unless I have an announcement, and the posts come through Mailchimp every Tuesday morning to your inbox. Don’t forget, you are always free to unsubscribe at any time.

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