Are Self Published Authors On Par with Traditionally Published? Toronto Star

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 12.54.19 PMMy response to an article written by the Toronto Star, linked below:

As a newly published Canadian author, I am so glad to hear success stories such as Georgi’s. We know how hard it is to rise to the cream of the crop with it hard work and dedication. I believe the stigma attached to self published authors is slowly fading. When self publishing became a hot commodity I think there were many out there that thought that they could write anything and hit publish. As more and more information becomes available I believe many of those types of authors are learning that there are many elements to writing and publishing, and that putting out shoddy, unedited work  becomes a public humiliation. As good self published authors who wish to keep their higher royalties and don’t wish to waste years receiving rejection letters, it doesn’t make us any less than a traditionally published author; we just need to work that much harder to acquire exposure.

D.G. Kaye ©2014

Toronto, Canada

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