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Today I’m sharing another interesting article from my blogging friend Marsha Ingrao’s blog at Marsha has been working diligently to discover the world of blogging and how to get more traffic to our blogs using SEO (search engine optimization).


Ya, she gets as freaked out as we do when it comes to learning new things and methods to build our blogs and readership, that’s why I love her articles because she’s no different than us when it comes to being overwhelmed by all this information and as she learns things, she shares by breaking things down into bite sized pieces. While I have chosen to use the “Ultimate SEO‘ plugin instead of Yoast, the same info applies except for some varying features on both.


Have a look at Marsha’s article below:

Blogging tips


Attention Amateur Blogger!

An amateur blogger can benefit from plugins not available on Adding the Yoast SEO plugin improves and focuses writing skills.

What Is Your Blog’s SEO Score? As an amateur blogger, I paid very little attention to anything SEO. If I saw those three letters together, my eyes glazed over. Continue Reading….

Source: How One Amateur Blogger Improved Her Writing with an SE O Plugin – ALWAYS WRITE

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Today I’m introducing Janice Wald from . Janice is a friend and her site is very popular and quite a busy place for bloggers who visit because her posts offer a wealth of information on helpful tips for social media, SEO, best tools for blogging, linky blog parties for meet and greets and sharing links, and a whole hodge-podge of interesting things.


Janice keeps it fresh and always interesting to read; there is something for everyone on her blog. Many bloggers aren’t always fully aware of the technical aspects of what goes on behind the scenes with SEO, links and sharing, etc. MostlyBlogging gives us a lot of insights and details about ‘How To” use certain apps and social media.

As writers, we write because we love to write, but we may not know all the little tricks behind the scenes in our blogging dashboards. This is where Janice’s blog is so helpful because she feeds us so much valuable information about the operational part of blogging. Have a look at some of the testimonials from Janice’s readers.

inspire me linky

Besides posting helpful articles, Janice runs Linky Monday parties where writers can add their own links to a post they want to share on her page, which gives others a chance to come visit your blogs, and a chance for us to visit new blogs.

There really is a wealth of information at Janice’s blog, and I know she is so welcoming to everyone. She takes the time to answer any questions you may have and her happy disposition radiates through everything she posts.

A Bit About Janice:

“By night, I am a happy blogger, wife, mother of three daughters, and a dog owner. By day, I am a teacher. Ancient and medieval world history are my passions, and I have taught both at the middle school level. It’s my dream to one day teach education at the college level so I can empower other teachers. Toward that pursuit I recently completed my Masters Degree in Education, Curriculum and Instruction. My Email is Broadwaymusicalfan which speaks volumes about my other passion, musical theater. I have acted in community plays three times and would relish the chance to do more acting, even on a professional level. I might even have the chance to act in my own movie since I am currently collaborating on a screenplay! After Tweeting for years and collecting thousands of followers, I look forward to a more in-depth analytical exchange of ideas about a wide variety of blogging-related topics.”

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Now GO check out Janice’s blog and scan down the sidebar for some topics you may be interested in reading in case you haven’t been there before.

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