Vaccines – Scam or Scare?



Is it any wonder that people are so confused on whether or not to get vaccines for themselves or their children?

Many conversations are abuzz on the topic of vaccines of late. Mothers worry whether or not by protecting their children with vaccines, will it bring on autism. Currently there is a lot of chatter on the debate of the Measles vaccine. Many question the ingredients added to these vaccines to make them viable, wondering if all the additives to the vaccine serum itself are more harmful than the disease. I know I question them. And then there is the question of the efficacy itself of the said vaccine. I have my own doubts and questions as well, particularly about the Shingles vaccine.

For the past few years my husband has been urged by his doctor to get vaccinated for Shingles. Me, not being a fan of such vaccine, as well as the Flu vaccine, decided to delve further into the pros and cons. I personally did not see a great benefit of this vaccine based on what I had summed up from what I had read. Nonetheless, when my husband had his annual physical last week and was once again advised by his doctor to have it, he brought up the subject again when he got home and showed me the prescription he obtained to get the vaccine and was to take it back to his doctor’s office to have injected. I looked at the literature that the doctor had sent with the prescription and thought I’d stew over it for a few days before I decided if I wanted my husband to have the injection.

When I read up on the subject, these were the facts listed on the brochure:

ZOSTAVAX does NOT protect everyone, so some people who get the vaccine may still get shingles. However, if you develop shingles despite being vaccinated, it CAN help reduce the intensity and duration of pain.”

The next day my husband took it upon himself (he’s a big boy now) to pick up the prescription and have the injection. He shared this with me after it was done. He also brought home the receipt for the vaccine of which he paid $207.00. Besides my reservations about the efficacy, or the need for the vaccine, I was shocked at the sticker price.

Apparently there were no real side effects listed on the pamphlet, but I googled some forums. Later that afternoon, my husband ran a high fever and got deliriously tired and extremely nauseous, diahrea and chills for the rest of the week. Google had displayed many people with these symptoms. Coincidence? I don’t know, but $207, yowza! For a ‘maybe it will work, maybe not? It sounds a lot like the Flu vaccine that many people I know complain about when they get it –  they get the flu anyway.

Personally, I think it all goes back to Big Pharma and another Cash Cow. Scam or scare? What do you think?