Downtown, A different day and Memory Lane

Today's thought

Today was different. I have been so accustomed to working in my comfy writer space day after day as the days turn into weeks then months. I had an annual doctor appointment downtown and I decided to kill two birds with one stone and make an additional appointment while down there to see my Osteopath to try and put (me) Humpty back together again.

My hips and lower back had been aching for days and somehow locked up on me, making it painful to sit or sleep or barely able to lift my foot into my underwear (tmi?). Anyhoo, going downtown for me is like a day visiting another city. My friends often joke that they need to bring their passports just to visit me. Yes, I live in suburbia! Don’t get me wrong, it’s lovely here and it’s like a whole other hustle and bustle city up here in the northern end of Toronto. There is everything here including traffic, only it’s not downtown, but my doctor is. So when I go downtown once or twice a year, I make a plan of things I need to get while there and plan my route accordingly.

Now, getting there is a journey in itself, Lordy, no I will not drive downtown! Somewhere through the years I have lost my brazen ability to drive far, on highways or at night. Besides the anxiety that strikes me on these jaunts, I’ve had lots of trouble with my vision over the past few years and I cannot read signs in unfamiliar territory or on fast-paced highways quick enough to avoid missing an exit…again, causing anxiety. I don’t drive at night unless I’m absolutely stuck being the designated driver when my husband and I go to a party and that is only if it doesn’t require highway driving as I have a problem with night vision due to some laser eye surgery I had years ago when I had pin holes lasered into my iris’ to alleviate pressure to stop me from going blind. TMI again? Sorry. Yes, so the halo effect occurs from the oncoming headlights and this is just not a good thing. So, I have my perimeters.

So, my plan for going downtown is as follows:  The subway is about a 40 minute drive from my house. My step-son-in-law works at a car dealership 5 minutes from the subwayI drive there and he drives me to the subway and takes my car back to the dealership and picks me back up when I’m heading back north. Sometimes I even have anxiety on subways! Perhaps I’ve watched too many movies and always seem to be leery if I spot someone unsavory looking. Maybe it’s even my imagination and maybe being a writer exaggerates these anxieties? Imagination serves me well as a writer but sometimes it can get a bit over-active. I don’t exactly know when I became like this because I never used to be afraid of a damn thing!  I like to blame it on… I dare say….middle age? And so, it’s another 25 minute ride downtown on the subway and a few blocks walk to my doctor’s office.

When I’m downtown, I always feel like I am somewhere else, like I am a tourist. Today happened to be fairly cold outside, minus 5 celcius and very windy and with all the buildings downtown, made it feel all the more windy. I finished my appointment fairly early and had decided that I wanted to pick up a few things that I can only get in a particular store down there and I debated with myself if I felt up to the long walk to get there.

After being worked on for 2 hours by my Osteopath then taped up like a human mummy all around my hips, I decided to tackle the mission.  As I walked in the wind (against my face), bundled up good, I really enjoyed it. I walked about 5 subway stops and it felt so good to be outside and walking instead of on my ass in front of the computer. As I passed various landmarks (those that had meant something to me in my life), I began to reminisce about so many things in my life that had pertained to them. I passed the hospital where I had my heart surgery (tumor, not coronary), I passed the hotel where I worked as an executive secretary to the general manager for some years – some of my best years. I passed the many shops I’d wandered into on my lunch hours when I worked down there. It was almost as though I was revisiting my past and the memories evoked were all different -the hospital memories and the happy memories. A real trip down memory lane. After I hopped back on the subway and began writing this post,

My hips and back are killing me, it hurts to sit. Apparently I’m no longer allowed to sit on my comfy couch and work there on my laptop. I love it in my open family room to the kitchen with the TV on in the background. My doctor told me that my body had been sitting for so long this year that it tightened and jammed my hips. Now I have to work in my lonely office and sit in a proper chair when creating and surfing. Well, I will see how long that lasts! My husband is on me like a cop for this as he had heard me complaining about my aches and pains for so long. Hmm, I once wrote a post here on Do Writers Suffer Vanity? Now I am wondering if writers suffer injured hips, backs and bums?