Happy Spring!



What a beautiful writing day.  It was so inspiring to sit in my usual writing chair at my kitchen table with numerous books and notepads sprawled around me while looking out at Spring head-on, in full bloom. 

The sun was shining through the open windows, bringing with it fresh breezes as I listened to the constant chirping of birds who also seemed so contently enjoying their day.  I sit here everyday and write, and as I search for the perfect words to pen, I look to the newly blossoming trees for inspiration.

  I’ve been keeping mental notes on the big maple tree in my backyard.  Only a week ago it was barren of leaves.  I watched it bud daily and find it so fascinating that within four days the tree is halfway in bloom with leaves.  Truly one of God’s many miracles that may have gone un-noticed if I was not writing this book in my favourite chair.