News Writing Challenge – Story Themes & Writer’s Block – Call for Submission

Good news


My friend Colleen Chesebro urged me to hop on to this writing challenge submission where we have to find a current news story, submit the link and story line and create a story with a theme pertaining to the news item. They are looking for 100 submissions to make into an anthology and my story was accepted! If you are interested in submitting, I’ve included the link at the bottom of the post in case you’d like to check it out.


What Do We Tell The Children?

Inspired by: ‘The Children at the Trump Rallies’, New York Times

by D.G. Kaye

“Quick, Dave, switch the channel,” Molly shouted to her husband as they both scrambled for the remote control.

The president appeared on TV once again, spewing his bombastic vitriol against the innocent victims fleeing their countries in desperation for a better life.

Little Billy slid in with his slippery socks and a disheartening stare. Only five years old, yet, his mind a giant sponge filled with curiosity and a heart just as big, abundant with compassion.

“Dave, how long can we keep our son hidden from this prejudice?”

“Mamma, I feel sad,” Billy lamented. “I don’t know why the bigger kids at school are picking on my friends. What did they do? They’re too scared to play with me at school in the playground.”

“I knew this day would come, Dave.” Molly’s heart sank in despair.

Dave lifted his son onto his lap. “Billy, sometimes other kids forget to be kind. Remember, kindness is in everybody’s hearts. Why don’t we call your friend Abduhl to come play? We’ll show him our kindness by giving him a hug.”

Temporary damage control.

Rules & How To Submit

The rules are simple:

  • 180 words max
  • please include a title for your story (not included in the word count)
  • your story should be inspired by a current piece of news and have a strong theme, relating to that news
  • please include the title of the news story that inspired your submission, and the publication that it appeared in, or website you read it on etc. (also not included in the word count) – where possible, please include a link to the story
  • entry fee is free, like most of the news we read nowadays
  • anyone can submit – all ages, from anywhere in the world are welcome
  • 1 entry per person, per anthology
  • no profanity please – all the writing challenges are shared with children
  • your news-inspired tales will be published on this page
  • every time we receive 100 stories, we’ll publish them in a book
  • profits made through anthology sales will be donated to charity
  • by submitting, you accept the terms and conditions
  • when anthologies are published, you will be involved in the book launch process
  • submit your story by filling in the comments form below or email me
  • include a short biography (40 words max) for use in the published book – if you don’t supply a bio, we will be unable to publish your story
  • include 1 link (optional) to your website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.



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