Sharing Alert! Smorgasbord New Series – Life Changing Moments

Today I’m sharing Sally Cronin’s New Series at Smorgasbord Invitation, starting in September at the Smorgasbord Cafe. Submit your stories about a Life-Changing Moment to Sally’s series to be featured. Find out what’s entailed below:


Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – Author Spotlight – Life Changing Moments



Welcome to the new series of the Cafe and Bookstore Author spotlight which begins in September.

In this new series I am inviting authors in the Cafe to share what they consider to be a defining moment in their lives that resulted in a major positive change.

Here are a few examples, and I am sure you will have plenty to add:

  • Meeting a stranger with surprising consequences
  • Accepting an invitation that took you out of your comfort zone
  • Being fired from a job or resigning without another job lined up that turned out to be an opportunity.
  • Taking a wrong turn on a journey and discovering something about yourself.
  • Being in the wrong place at the right time when an opportunity presented itself.
  • Overcoming a challenging situation such as a failed relationship and finding happiness.
  • Taking part in a charity challenge such as a parachute jump and how it conquered a fear.
  • Accidentally walking through the wrong door and finding an uplifting experience
  • Moving to a new country and feeling immediately at home.

You can choose to stick to the facts or can write a fiction story that has ‘A Life Changing Moment’ as its theme.

Here is an example of how your post will look.

Here is something I wrote about how a number of factors came into play following my disastrous first marriage. It was a decision that took me hundreds of miles away from home, to meet someone who would change my views on love and romance, and subsequently my life all in the space of six weeks.

The Rocky Road to True Romance

Have you ever wondered why the classic fairy stories that involve a beautiful farmer’s daughter, scullery maid or even a princess, who are swept off their feet by a handsome and rich stranger on a white horse; end with the words ‘And they lived happily ever after’.

Because most were written by men at a time when a woman was a chattel who cooked, cleaned and bore children. The men however went about their business as usual; of course living happily ever after.

That may sound a bit cynical, but I can remember as a child being fed the propaganda. Most commonly via bedtime stories and the ‘Happy Ever After’ films that we were allowed to watch in our teen years. Disney had the whole thing down to a fine art.

By the time I was sixteen, I was convinced that at some point, a rich and handsome stranger was going to gallop into my life and sweep me off into a fairy tale future in a palace with  a new generation of princes and princesses, and a life of love and contentment. . . continue reading


How to participate.

  1. Approximately 1000 words about a Life Changing Moment that ended positively
  2. Include two or three photographs
  3. Send to


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New Series of Posts from Your Archives 2020 – Two of your posts from the last 12 months. | Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

It’s a new year and that means Sally Cronin has some wonderful new author promotions. For this new series, Sally invites authors and bloggers to submit two of your favorite posts from 2019 that she will breed new life into and feature at the Smorgasbord Invitation.


New Series of Posts from Your Archives 2020 – Two of your posts from the last 12 months.



Happy New Year and I hope that you are looking forward to an amazing year of blogging.  I think we all have some posts that we are most proud of and would like to reach a wider audience. The aim of Posts from your Archives is to do just that.

The aim of this series is to showcase your blog and any creative work that you do from books, art, photography and crafts. You pick two posts that you have written for your own blog in 2019, and you simply send the link to those blogs to

You have to do nothing more as I will capture the post and images from your blog and I will then post with full copyright to you.. with your creative work and your links to buy and to connect. I might sometimes need a little more information but I am quite resourceful in finding out everything I need.

Posts from Your Archives in 2019 was amazing and over 100 bloggers participated with over 400 posts that have reached a different audience and encouraged more readers for their own blogs and current posts. Please continue reading at Sally’s blog. . .


Source: New Series of Posts from Your Archives 2020 – Two of your posts from the last 12 months. | Smorgasbord Blog Magazine