Taking a Break — Heading West

nevada-932708_640 (2)

I am excited to announce that I’m taking a break and heading out to my most favourite place in the world, the desert.


I have been looking forward to taking a pause from the hectic first half of this year, and no better place for me to be than in the desert where I long to be. It will be a short respite in Las Vegas, not Arizona this time, but that will be my home for most of this coming winter. Happily though, our Arizona friends will be meeting up with us in Las Vegas and then we will hatch our plans for the many things we plan to do together next winter. And of course I’m going at the same time as the World Series of Poker is running there at the Rio. Needless to say, between playing some poker tournaments (if I haven’t got too rusty), shopping and socializing, I’ll be a very busy lady. I can’t wait!


In the meantime, I will post once while I’m away, and I’m not quite sure if I will be spending much time visiting social media or my blog throughout the week, so feel free to comment or visit some of my other posts, and know I will respond back to all of you upon my return.

Thanks again to all my blogging friends who offered me their wise thoughts on leaving the laptop at home. I’ve decided to do just that. The only device I’ll be taking with me is my smartphone for pictures and the occasional checkins on social media and maybeeeeee my blog. But it won’t be much because I don’t plan on going over my data limit. So I wish you all a fabulous week while I’m off to fabulous Las Vegas.

Currently Air Canada has cancelled many flights this weekend due to the Wildcat strike with fuelers. I’m praying my flight leaves tomorrow (Sunday). So as long as you don’t see me floating around the blogosphere, it means I made it there! 🙂


D.G. Kaye