Technical Update – #WordPress – #Microsoft Hijacked my Laptop

Hello blogging friends, I just wanted to share my grievance with you. As many of you who visit here know, I try to read as many blogs as I can fit in every evening. I’m having a temporary problem with blogs these days – with ‘liking’, some sharing, and some to even write a comment. It seems the full moon once again has caused me SEVERAL  technical issues. Here’s the lowdown:

Early last week, my beloved Windows Surface finally stopped playing nice with me. Thanks to the hijacker Microsoft hijacking my laptop into forced updates that wouldn’t fit in my disk space left, and TOTALLY IGNORING the 50 gigs I have available on micro SD card, the gears wouldn’t stop spinning and wouldn’t even turn off. It’s been giving me trouble for a few months now and I’d been trying to hold out for end of August school sale prices to purchase another. So in the meantime, I pulled out another old Asus laptop I had and planned to use that until end of August. But after 2 days of using that one, I got the black screen of death and toasted that one too.

On Friday, after Thursday night’s blowout, I started my search for a new laptop (again the new Surface), only to find they were sold out everywhere in various stores in my vicinity, so I had no choice but to order online (grateful to find it on sale too) and have it delivered (usually a 2-day deal), and was told it would be delivered August 5th. This came as no surprise to me seeing as every store is sold out, which I attribute to Covid and moms and teachers buying up better quality computers, as well as students, seeing as this is the only way to stay connected to loved ones and the world and reliability with a better machine.

So, plan C while waiting is to work on my very old Dell desktop, which has given me nothing but grief. It doesn’t recognize any passwords, takes 5 minutes to load a page, and the grief goes on. This desktop also does not play nice with WordPress. I’ve lost the ability to ‘like’ your posts, and in some cases, I can’t use the share buttons, and for some self-hosted and WP premium plan blogs, I can’t even comment and I can’t retrieve notifications unless I go to someone else’s blog and click on the WP reader. I also have a tablet which I try to use in the evenings so I’m not secluded from the TV at night and it seems my tablet is possessed and turns on and off at random will and won’t load some blogs. OYE!

This desktop clunker is a back-breaker for me to sit at all day too. And don’t even get me started as I’m in the middle of revisions for my newest book and this clunker has an old version of Word on it that chooses to screw up my documents. I’m trying my best to use the old version to write posts on, but I don’t dare ruin my manuscript, so once again, I cannot work on my book until the new laptop arrives.

Out of curiosity, I emailed support to find out the exact day of delivery, as I discovered in fine print that my laptop will be delivered between August 5th an 14th!!!! I emailed them to beg for early release and was told it won’t be sent til August 14th!!!!! So I am screwed! Personally, I don’t even think this clunker will live that long. So I wanted to give you all a heads up in case you think I’ve abandoned your blogs, or I’m not reading them because you may see no likes or comment. Some of you have mentioned to me that you too were having problems commenting on my posts. For this I am sorry. I have done my best to fix what I can, but because my machine is acting prehistoric, I’m out of ammo. So please bear with me and know, if you don’t see me, I’m still around.

I think as an empath, and as my Fey sister Colleen Chesebro refers to me as an ‘energy witch’, I’m accumulating wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to much technical energy. What I really need is a technical break, and if this desktop dies out on me, that’s what I’ll be doing. Ironically, my trusted mobile phone still allows me to be on FB (hope I don’t curse it).

So, just know, I’m still here and fighting the tech gods daily. Thanks for putting up with craziness you may encounter on my blog.




Thank You #Windows10 – Not!

My two cents

Thank you technical gods for the most trying week in my whole cyber life. Besides the numerous delays in my book launch with files flying back and forth all week, and WordPress blocking me all week from commenting on blogs, and then there was the day I was totally unable to get into my website, I’d really like to thank Windows 10 NOT! for sucking the last ounces of nerves and energy from me this weekend.

Thank you Windows 10 for trying to force-feed your incompatible updates on my poor, defenseless Windows 8.1 operating system ever since I fought you tooth and nail and didn’t allow you to install Windows 10 on that computer. You knew they weren’t compatible with my system but kept sending them anyway. I really appreciate the fact that you corrupted my computer and numerous files shoving your Windows 10 updates onto my Windows 8.1 computer, because you can’t be bothered sending updates for appropriate systems, bullying everyone to change over to your terrible new system. Needless to say, I’ve had no security updates for quite some time due to your negligence, resulting in corrupted and infected files infiltrating silently into my cyber home and workplace. Even my MalwareBytes and heavy-duty antivirus army couldn’t fight you off.


I also wanted to thank you for falling upon me Friday night and through the weekend, a time where I should have been working. I really enjoyed spending 48 hours searching Google, trying to find ‘Windows’ fixes for broken files, that wouldn’t work. I especially enjoyed the most useless pretend help from your master, Microsoft, who apparently, thinks they can push their way into places they’re not invited.


It was very lovely of you to try and push Windows 10 updates into an 8 operating system, so you can ruin computers, so people will have to go buy new ones – with Windows 10 no doubt. Surely that would alleviate any obligation you have to send appropriate updates to servers without Windows 10. By force-feeding Windows 10 down everybody’s throat, you wouldn’t have to come up with updates for every different system, like you used to do before you became the biggest skyjacking greed-monger in the cyber world. And that goes for you also taking over Windows Live Mail and making the most inconvenient email system I’ve ever had to use.


I particularly enjoyed spending Sunday from 9:30 am till 5:30 pm with a tech service I found who crawled inside my computer remotely after I exhausted all of your offered lame fixes from the internet. I also enjoyed paying $250 for this service, at this inopportune time when I’m paying editors, formatters and book designers. Oh, and thanks for making me miss out on going to Word On The Street, a Canadian bookfair I was looking forward to going to for months. Perhaps I was lucky my book files weren’t ready to publish yet so you could tear my last nerve having to spend the weekend with you. You made my week complete!


WordPress spam issues have nothing on you. You take the cake! But thanks for sharing all these life lessons I learned through all my findings. You made me realize how important it is that the next computer I ever buy will be a Mac.


Thank you!



New #Paypal #Scam and More #Windows10 issues with #Kaspersky Antivirus

Don't be scammed

Today I’m sharing a few annoying issues I’ve experienced this week with a couple of technical issues I’ve encountered. One is a #Scam warning, and another is more bad publicity with #Windows 10 and antivirus issues with Kaspersky.


I’ve spent countless hours, disrupting my writing time this week fighting with my antivirus renewal with Kaspersky. My one year subscription had ran out and I purchased a new licence for another year, good for 5 devices.


The installation went smoothly on my other Windows 8.1 computers, even on my older Windows 7 laptop, but the nightmare began with my newer Windows 10 Surface Pro laptop.


After removing the expired antivirus program, preparing to install the new one, the program wouldn’t install on Windows 10. I spent a few hours looking up the potential problems and reading numerous complaints from others on Google who experienced the same problem. I tried several of the fixes offered by Kaspersky, which was eternally time consuming, removing, rebooting, and reinstalling the software program, only having to uninstall over again several times.


After I wasted one complete day, I called their support. They went over the same things I’d already done, then sent me an email with another fix. That didn’t work either. By then I could have punched someone there in the head after going through the same procedures repeatedly to no avail. I asked to speak to someone who knows what they’re doing to fix the darned program. I was told that was a premium service and I would have to pay to have a tech go remotely in my computer to get it working.


I won’t repeat here my reply to that, suffice it to say, I was not pleasant, and I reprimanded the person on the phone for selling antivirus that clearly isn’t compatible with Windows 10, that I had paid for, and sending me around in circles to keep trying new fixes they were emailing me, but I had to pay to someone who knew how to do it quickly.


After threatening them with bad publicity from me, there were more apologies, and another fix that came in the mail yesterday. Once again, I spent a good hour following their instructions, removing programs, cleaning disks, reinstalling and rebooting several times, again, to no avail. I just got finished chewing out another ‘support’ person, who obviously is of no support, letting them know I’m going public with this issue. And so here I am. This is a warning for you Windows 10 users, Do NOT use Kaspersky antivirus for your computers if you value your time, because IT DOES NOT WORK. Or be prepared to lose a week of your life trying.


So, with this said, I currently still have no antivirus on my favorite laptop, and am awaiting, yes, another email fix from this helpful company. If I hadn’t already installed it on my other computers, I’d send it back. As it stands, after several futile hours spent on this shit, I’ll be taking my laptop and the product back to the box store I purchased it at, and tell them to make it work. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.


ADDENDUM: Since the writing of this post. There were two more email requests from Kaspersky, asking me to download files and a lengthy lists of technical things I should do to make THEIR program work. Besides the time factor, I have no clue what half of those instructions even mean. I have since downloaded AVAST antivirus and Malware Bytes. And here was my final response to their last email telling me I didn’t respond to ‘their latest ideas for a fix’.


“I did not respond because I don’t have hours to do the multitude of things you sent me. I am not a technician. Your support is unsatisfactory. You sell products, yet a tech won’t resolve issues immediately. You send us the onus of the work to make YOUR software compatible with our computers. You should be making your software compatible from the get go. I am a writer, I don’t have hours and days to spend to make your product work.
I find it appalling that after all you’ve put me through, someone couldn’t go in remotely and do whatever is necessary without threatening to charge me for it. I am done with your product.
I will be publishing an article about the incompatibility of Kaspersky with Windows 10. Fix your stuff. I don’t have time to fix it for you.”



On another note, I want to warn you all to be very careful with email scams. I had written a post on some scams awhile back HERE. But today, I also received an email from Paypal, alerting me that my account is under suspension.


At first I was concerned about what had gone wrong, worrying about having no Paypal to use with all my author business I use it for. But after my suspect investigation, I smelled another scam. I opened the mail but didn’t click on any links. This scam was better than their previous ones. The Paypal logo was there, and no funny names in the URL. The notice told me I had violated their policies and to rectify, I was to click on the link provided to verify my information.


Everyone who deals with money and credit cards with a company should know those companies and institutions will never ask you for personal information in an email. The notice didn’t even say the usual ‘Hello Deborah’ that Paypal usually states your name in salutation, but merely, ‘Dear Customer’. That was my number one flag.


I was certain it was a scam, but being that Paypal has my credit card number on file, I called support immediately to make sure my account wasn’t compromised. Gratefully, the support girl told me it was a scam, and my account was fine. I shared the email info with her, and she told me the scammers are hoping to get some poor unsuspecting, perhaps tech unsavvy person to click on the link and fill out their account information. And it’s hard for me to believe, but people do this.


The support girl advised me to forward the email to their, where I’ve sent a few to in the past. By sending them these emails, it helps them keep on top of the latest scams using their name.


So remember people, you have to be diligent with emails. People are trying to steal from others every day. It’s up to us to do the proper investigations. And if any of these emails are asking for verification on accounts, DO NOT ever email back any information. Either go to that website direct and sign in to your account and see if there is personal mail to your from that company, or better yet, just pick up the phone and call direct before you even think about replying to these scammers.


I hope I’ve been helpful in today’s lessons.



Is #Windows10 Hijacking Your Computer?



Thank you Windows 10 for taking the liberty of thinking you can sneak your updates into my computer with secret codes and then automatically download onto my computer when I try to close the box asking me to download. If I closed the box, obviously this meant I chose not to upgrade from my 8.1.


One would think that we still have choices when it comes to using the operating system of our choice. But Microsoft has been making it more difficult to circumvent downloading the upgrade.


At first I thought those pop ups were becoming more plentiful as I clicked off the download box more and more frequently. But today was a little different. I clicked to close off the annoying pop up once again, and the next thing I knew, another box came up telling me that Windows 10 was now downloading. This form of tricking us into downloading is now being talked about as ‘clickjacking’.


I quickly stopped the installation, but that didn’t stop it from letting me know that next time I restart my computer it would continue loading. That’s when I went into detective mode and surrendered 5 hours of planned writing time to figure out a way to get rid of Microsoft’s infringement on my personal freedom.


I’ve done all the legwork now, so I’m going to spare you guys this agro, and save you countless hours of reading on Google how to get rid of this annoying and potentially corruptive problem.


Let me begin with saying that I have 4 computers. My big desktop has Windows 8.1 on it, which I love, and it’s also the one I use to write my books on. My laptop also has 8.1, and I have an old laptop which still functions with Windows 7 that I haven’t used in a few years. And then there is my new Windows Surface with 10 built into it. So this nightmare of Windows 10 wanting to take over my 3 other computers had me running between the 3 of them to see if they had already been possessed.


I will add that on my newest laptop, I’ve adjusted to Windows 10 and haven’t had any real problems with it. The problem for many seems to be that once you download Windows 10 as a replacement to a previous other operating system, many things can and have gone wrong, not to mention that some software programs used in 7 or 8 aren’t compatible with 10. I’ve heard many writers complaining how downloading 10 as an upgrade had screwed up their computers, and many had to go visit the ‘Geeks’ to restore their computers.


When I began my Google search I started typing in things like: stop Windows 10 from downloading, how to get rid of Windows 10 updates, and so forth. After reading several articles and trying various things to get rid of the updates on the 3 computers, I finally came across some immensely helpful information.


One article I read, informed me of the code of the update to be on the look out for that automatically will transform into Windows 10 once updated. I then had to search my computer(s) for that update that was already ‘installed’ but not yet downloaded. The next time I would have restarted my computer(s) that update would have overtaken the system without consent. So began the mission to try and rid my computer(s) of this update.


In my investigations, I learned, how to stop the pop up from the task bar from popping up asking me to download, and how to disallow the update from taking effect upon restarting the computer. This is what I’m sharing with you.


The offending update code is kb3035583. If you go into your control panel and then your Windows updates installed, you can scroll down through them all and if you find that offending code, you can ‘uninstall’ the update. Keep in mind that ‘installed updates’ don’t mean they have yet been downloaded. But the thought of having it there and taking action while I’m away from the computer was frightening. And to keep that pesky pop up from continuing to visit your screen randomly, you can left click on the taskbar, which will bring up ‘properties’, click that then click ‘customize’ in that box then scroll down to ‘hide Windows 10 icon and that will stop the pest from asking you to download Windows 10 and waiting for you to accidentally click it to download. I also changed my ‘how I want my updates installed’ from automatically update when there’s a new update to let me know when there are updates so I can keep an eye out for that nasty code, in case it comes back. I also found that Microsoft is on a tear to get people to download 10 till the end of July. That’s when Windows 10 will no longer be offered ‘FREE’ and hence, there should be no more updates for it.


But we aren’t done yet. In my deep Google search, I came across a Geek article recommending a program called Never 10. Apparently, this is one of the best and possibly only fix available to completely disallow Windows 10 from loading on your computer ever! (Unless YOU choose to undo it.)


I’m going to list 2 links below. One of the links will give you more insight about how to get rid of the pop up and links to the download of the Windows 10 blocker, and how to deal with that update code. All pages lead back to referring to the Never 10 download to forever block the nuisance.


Let me say that I spent quite a few hours between investigating, checking all my computers and testing by closing them off and restarting and searching again, and I’m happy to say that the devil did not possess me!


Here are the links:


And if you’d like to read more about how Microsoft has underhandedly shifted around the function of the ‘close screen’ feature to eliminate the option to decline the update to 10, read HERE


I hope none of you have yet fallen prey to this nuisance and if you’re experiencing any of these problems, this information should get you out of the jam. There are also various links on Google offering instructions on how to undo the process should your computer have already downloaded 10 on its own accord.

I’d be curious to know if any of you have run into this problem?