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Jacqui Murray is sharing some helpful website pointers on her post I’m reblogging today.


How many of you get tired, or when short on time, find yourselves leaving a page when it takes too many clicks to find out what you went there for? I know I’ve come across this plenty of times.



Today Jacqui discusses the ‘The 3 Click Rule‘ , as well as sharing some other helpful links for writers.


Tech Tips for Writers is a (sometimes) weekly post on overcoming Tech Dread. I’ll cover issues that friends, both real-time and virtual, have shared. Feel free to post a comment about a question you have. I’ll cover it in a future Tip.”


Q: Some writing websites/blogs are confusing. I click through way too many options to get anything done. What’s with that?

A: I hadn’t put a lot of thought to this until I read a discussion on one of my writer forums about the oft-debunked-and-as-oft-followed 3-click rule made popular by Web designer Jeffrey Zeldman in his book, “Taking Your Talent to the Web”. This claims ‘that no product or piece of content should ever be more than three clicks away from your Web site’s main page’. . .Continue Reading

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