Reflections – The Domino Effect


The Domino Effect


I’ve preached to many on occasion over the last decade as I observe the world around me –  God is angry at what man has done to his world. He did it before with Noah’s Ark, and he can do it again and Mother Nature is not one to be fooled with – everyone has their breaking point.

This now, what we are experiencing – the higher powers that be slowing down civilization a beat, forcing us to take a look, both, inside and out.


The world is in over-drive,

We’ve lost control of the gears.

Now our earth requires a pause

Mother Nature pumps the breaks

Inhaling deep breaths,

She clears her lungs and dulls the noise.


The everyday pace of life taxed to the max.

Doctors squeezing in more patients,

Causing longer wait times,

Life in hurry up mode,

Human empathy evaporates in the trickle- down effect,

Life in the fast lanes had people forgetting to look up from their phones.


Human connections severely impaired,

Digital takeover of human jobs,

Companies contracting out work,

Avoiding add to payroll for decent benefits,

Forgetting our fellow man.


Greed, greed, greed everywhere you go,

A price gouge here, no mercy over there,

A fee for this a fee for that,

Money, money, money, profits matter most,

We’ve seen the face of money in all its green glory.


The universe is calling,

Instructing us to open ears and eyes,

Reminding we are we collective not me,

Urging us to take this pause in reflection,

Breathe in the glorious air that sustains us.


Pull up the sunken compassion from our hearts,

Notice the beauty in all the world’s stillness,

Back to basics.

Reminder of smiles, kindness and gratitude,

Imperative to indulge in this pause and reflect.