Vacation Interuptus – Some Sort of a Break

Vacation time

Well, I’ve threatened to do it a few times, yet could never bring myself to do so, but I’m taking the blogging break plunge . . . I think, sort of. I’m going to try, LOL.


I’ve been blogging for just short of four years now and have never taken a break. I’ve blogged through vacations, illness, and some of life’s most challenging times, but I now feel the time has come to take this well needed break.

I know 2016 wasn’t a most spectacular year for many of us, and I can say with certainty, it was an extremely challenging year for me with many life and health issues with my husband. I am grateful that we have managed to be able to fulfill our plans for traveling this winter with all the extra health insurance costs in place and my husband’s remarkable progress.

Everything I’ve been through has helped me re-evaluate just how precious every moment of happiness is worth. Being cooped up in my four writing walls and most outings consisting of doctor and hospital visits with my husband have enforced my desire to take in every moment of our upcoming vacations, meaning, I will be prying myself away from blogging to take in all of my vacation time.

I’ve always felt that if I didn’t blog for a few weeks, people would forget me and abandon my blog, something I’ve worked hard to build up with readership and friendships along the way. You know, that old fear, ‘out of sight out of mind’? Yes, I’m a great worrier of all things, but despite that, I don’t feel I should even pre-schedule drafted posts because I would be compelled to reply to comments – because after all, isn’t that what blogging is about, engagement?

And being that we are soon happily on our way to Florida for a few days before joining on a ten day Caribbean cruise, I want to be busy doing social activities, given that I’ll be let loose out of my solitary writing confinement, not to mention, internet is always unpredictable while at sea. Plus, I FINALLY get to catch up on some reading! So my plan is to forego blogging and when time and internet affords me a connection, I may at least show up on Facebook with some fun fact or photo snippets of my surroundings.

This break also means I won’t be spending my usual nightly three to four hours reading and commenting on your blogs, as it just won’t be possible. But don’t be surprised if I poke my avatar in on a blog randomly if I manage a few spare moments and a connection. On the off chance I find a way to post a video or a few photos on my blog, and forget to close the comments, please know replies will come sporadically.

My next treat comes in March, after barely returning from Florida, we’ll be heading back to our beloved Arizona for that month. We have lots of plans for things to do, places to go with friends and relatives who will also be meeting up with us there. Lots of fun and sun and spectacular mountain view sunsets to be had. But at least while there, I’ll have access to internet, so don’t be surprised if you find me posting randomly in March.

With all this being said, my plans for after my return are to continue on with my ‘author with a new book’ series, once or twice a month instead of weekly, book reviews on new books I’ve read as I finish them, more ‘memoir bytes’ stories, and of course, my usual posts about writing and anything else I find useful or newsworthy to share.

I also plan on getting back to writing my roughly drafted next book throughout the spring and summer, and may be taking the plunge into doing some freelance content writing. I would also like to spend more time learning about doing video and podcasting.

As you can see, my calendar is full. And, oh ya, I forgot to mention, I have FULL INTENTIONS of going to the UK and visiting my bestie in June, timed perfectly to be able to attend the annual BLOGGER’S BASH in London!

Sooooo, with this all said, and my plans laid out, I want to ask that you guys to don’t forget me! Do check your WordPress Readers, or if you’re subscribed to my posts from my blog, you may find the odd surprise post in my absence. I just wanted to let you know why it will be quiet around here starting next week.

Oh, and one more thing . . . DON’T FORGET TO COME BACK!

Happy Blogging!