Self Publishing or going Traditional? A Writer’s Dilemma

Today's thought

I came across an article the other day on the debate of self published and traditionally published and once again I read about the berating at self pubbers and how our works can only be considered secondary to traditionally published because they are unpolished and unedited.  This statement has been made many times, generalizing all self published writers, while trying to humiliate the few whom their articles pertain to.

I think everyone has the right to choose how they prefer to publish without being judged. As for self publishing, yes, there is a bit of a stigma attached to it but I think that as time has progressed and will progress from what I am reading about, many writers are starting to get it! It, being the fact that mass production with no edits or proper book covers is becoming a public humiliation.

Perhaps when self publishing boomed anyone thought they could be a writer because you could ‘hit publish’ on amazon.  People learn through criticism and for the small few mixed in the bunch as time progresses, well you will always get a few.  I can definitely attest to the fact that there are a number of books traditionally published that I have personally read which could use some editing as well. Nonetheless, it is brave and lots of work to be a writer and learn to market and self promote as well.

I have spent this whole year, pent up, mostly in seclusion writing my book and reading hundreds of publications, countless forums and read many books along this journey as well as passed my book through 2 editors.  I can only hope that if it is not well received by some that it is only because of a genre preference.  Any thoughts?