Spring Has Sprung


After going through one brutally harsh winter here in Toronto, I do believe spring has finally arrived. I hope I’m not jinxing it by writing about it because we did have two warm days a few weeks ago when the natives got overly excited, only to find the temperatures went back down to the mid-forties the very next day. Many questioned whether or not we’d even see summer. Seven long months of winter was more than anyone wants to endure again, yet we don’t know if next year will be a repeat, or hopefully this past thrashing was only a passing fluke in bizarre climate.

As I looked out my kitchen window earlier this week, I was hoping to see a hint of the promise of leaves on the trees, I was hoping that it would only be a matter of having a few nice, consistent warmer days to change the way things were looking. Within a few more days, the temperatures began to rise from forty and fifty degrees to the mid-high sixties.

Yesterday, after seeing only a tiny few buds on some of my trees two days prior, I began seeing new life with a sudden growth spurt. My garden had survived winter’s wrath and peaked out, knowing instinctively that it was safe to come out.

I wanted to post these pictures displaying the new growth around my garden because it is truly remarkable that within three days, it went from bare to this: