Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge – Synonyms Only – Beginning and Consume

Welcome back Colleen Chesebro, to the land of writing. We missed your poetry challenges while you were busy uprooting your life and moving to a new state.

This week’s Poetry Challenge invites us to choose a form of poetry to write in and use synonyms only for the words ‘Beginning’ and ‘Consume’. I’ve chosen to write a double, backwards, Etheree.








The Truth Will Set You Free


It has been said – the truth will set us free

It hides in plain sight in silent voice

Our eyes divulge the unspoken

Peeking out behind our tears

Burning deep in our souls

Distorted by lies

Disguised in hate

Etched in hearts

Speak now


Not lost

Light not dark

Guides us to truth

The awakening

Beckons ears to listen

No longer time for silence

Time to evolve and comprehend

Silence and hatred won’t save the world

Take heed, lest we’re devoured by untruth



If you’d like to take part in Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge, visit her post for details.




Truth – Pearls Before Swine



I just wanted to share a beautiful post on truth I came across at the PBS Blog – Pearls Before Swine, by Yecheilyah Ysrayl ( I like to call her E.C.). In a world we seem to be living in it seems that many are sometimes lost in wondering what truth means anymore. E.C. has written this poem on truth.




Truth is not debatable

for integrity defends itself

it is not held captive to the dogma of religion

or held bondage within the framework of theology

it is not trapped inside the walls of College classrooms,

or oppressed by the lips of Baptist ministers,

It wears no stars of David

Sings no Islamic melodies

Truth is not religious

And yet is no atheist

Truth has always been

And always will be

It is neither canonized

nor done away with

not stolen away

or traded amidst the bowels of slave ships

truth is not lynched,

nor shackled against the cages of fear

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Source: Truth – Pearls Before Swine

– In Memoir – Writing Truth


Outer Critics


– I had my first dose of an outer critic today.  I was questioned by a family member if I know how to forgive and why am I writing this book.  It distanced me from the pen for awhile and then I continued on.

I think people get confused or scared when they know someone close is writing a memoir when they know your childhood has left something to desire.  Writing is not a vengeance.  Everything I have learnt tells us to write truthful and that is what I shall continue to do.

I always say…….”Forgive those who know not what they do.”