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Cooking with D.G. Kaye

Cooking with D.G. Kaye


I’m Over at Sally Cronin’s blog today with a Thanksgiving recipe, just in time for Canadian Thanksgiving!


Cook from Scratch 2017 – Holiday Stuffing (D.G. Kaye Style)

Sally’s call for our favorite cook from scratch recipes comes just in time for me as we Canadians celebrate our Thanksgiving Monday, October 9th this year.

I’ve used this recipe for decades, only I’ve altered it through the years to accommodate my gluten-free diet. And it still gets rave reviews. This was my beautiful Aunty Sherry’s recipe. She wasn’t known for her gourmet cooking skills, but often made up recipes on the spot that just stuck around. I’ve also seemed to inherit that wonderful skill from her, lol.

This stuffing recipe originally was invented for her Stuffed Pork Chop recipe which became a favorite of mine and my siblings when we were kids, and its versatility transformed it into a Turkey Stuffing recipe that I’ve used ever since – with a few tweaks.

Because neither my aunt, nor I were ever big on measuring ingredients (mad chefs!), measurements will be approximated. My aunt introduced me to the ‘taste as you go’ method, which is pretty much how I roll in the kitchen, yet my husband and my guests love my cooking. Just don’t ask me how much of what I put in because it’s magical. I do make some of my favorite dishes frequently, but as you may well imagine, some days the product comes out tasting different from the last time I made it.

As you can see, I’ll never make it to Masterchef on TV, but I promise, this stuffing is a great go to, and it’s delish! Continue reading over at Sal’s . . .


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