The News – Why I Sometimes Don’t Watch It


Today's thought

Is it ever good? Do we usually hear good things when watching the news? Do we ever turn it on and hear….Newflash – taxes are going down! Or….Thanks for coming, but all is right with the world so we have nothing to report!

No, it’s called News but it’s never usually good news being reported. I prefer to live with the old adage….’No news is good news’, so therefore I try not to watch it too often. I seem to go through phases, either I run to turn on the TV at 6pm or I will go for a few weeks and not listen to any news. Not because I’m not interested on the goings on in the world, but mostly because I have a tendency to dwell on things and it’s just easier for me to ignore downer news for as long as I can before I have to realize that the pertinent things I’ve missed are taking effect. I get pissed off at government issues and as I am a very empathetic person,  when I hear or see sad things that happen to people, it makes me very sad.

Sometimes my husband will ask me if I saw such and such on the news and I’ll say, I don’t want to know, then we get into a debate. He reiterates how important it is to stay abreast of things and I argue back that I don’t want that crap in my head right now. If I can’t change anything and have to bite it, I sometimes choose not wanting to know.

They say, you shouldn’t watch the news before going to bed. I wholeheartedly agree and have long ago given up that ritual. After all, I have enough to worry about that keeps me up at night without having to worry how I am going to fix the world.

Just my thoughts here.  Anyone else have an opinion?