#Writers Tips for Authors and Bloggers – Book Launching, #Twitter Tips, Editing Your Manuscript

Tips for Writers



My last Writer’s Tips post for 2018 offers some resourceful sites on bookmarketing, book trailer making, book launching, book editing and Twitter tips for authors – everything bookish! I hope there’s something for everyone here.



How today’s authors are launching their books, on the blog of Anne R. Allen

New Book Marketing: The Bad Girl’s List for Book Launch Success


Twitter tips and what you may be doing wrong with Twitter by Rachel Thompson, featured at the blog of Anne R. Allen

What You’re Doing Wrong on Twitter and How to Make It Right


How to edit your manuscript by editor Jeri Walker



A new type of presentation better than Power Point – Microsoft Sway and what’s it all about? Jacqui Murray has the scoop for us



And last but not least, here’s a great rundown on how to use Lumen to make your own book trailers at Indies Unlimited


Make Free Book Trailers with Lumen5


Have any of you used any of these apps or methods? Feel free to share your experience in comments.

Friday Writer’s Tips – Optimize Your #Amazon Pages, Twitter Tips, Paid Writing and More!

Tips for Writers


Welcome to my Friday edition of Writer’s Tips. Every week or so I share a post with links I’ve found across my blog reading which I’ve found beneficial to my own writing and self-publishing efforts. I do believe there is something for everyone here.


Editor Jeri Walker has some wonderful tips for us on how to pitch our books

Source: #PubTip: Pitching to Literary Agents at a Conference – Word Bank Writing & Editing



Rachel Thompson of BadRedHeadMedia is guest writing at the blog of Anne R. Allen. sharing with us, a plethora of great tips for maximizing our posts using Twitter

What You’re Doing Wrong on Twitter and How to Make It Right



Sally Cronin has an informative post about the closing of Google Plus and spammers on our blogs




Nicholas Rossis is informing us about places that will pay for our writing




What is Guttenberg  – the new editor coming to your WordPress – 

Frequently asked questions



And here’s a great video to give you a better detailed instructional on Guttenberg


Google Docs vs. MS Word by Jacqui Murray




And two more informative posts from Nicholas Rossis on how to use the best keywords for your book publishing on Amazon, and how to optimize you author page on Amazon!




How to optimize you Amazon book pages by Nicholas Rossis



Happy reading!

Happy Reading!