Writer’s Tips and a Personal Note – #Amazon, #Canva, #Audible, #PDF Converter, and #Blogging Tips

Well, a day late, but I’m getting my Friday post up today on Saturday. My life is very crazy right now, so my posts throughout the coming weeks and month will be erratic. Besides the grieving journey I’m on now for my husband, I am also moving! Yes, that is a story in itself, but suffice it to say, I’m moving to a smaller condo in the same complex, and that involves cleaning out ‘our’ life and getting rid of so many things in order to final downsize. Besides the physical gruel of this mission, don’t get me started on the emotional gruel it takes to look at every single thing we’ve owned and shared together. But that will be a post for another day. In the meantime . . .

I’ve been curating and keeping some great help articles for writers and bloggers, and there are some goodies in this edition – new Kindle Vella for serial publishing, creating animated logos in Canva, #Audiblegate and more!


Nicholas Rossis has some amazing news for authors with Amazon’s new short writing program – Kindle Vella



At the blog of Anne R. Allen – Three things you should know to make your query letters stand out

Three Things Your Query Letter Needs to Stand Out


Deborah Jay shares some great information on making sure authors are using all the tools available in our Author Central accounts



Also by Deborah Jay – Have you heard about the madness going on with Audible? #Audiblegate



Nicholas Rossis shares a new PDF Converter Tool – The Tool Rocket



Blogging Guru, Hugh Roberts with another blogging tip lesson – How to reblog correctly



And Natalie Ducey with another informative tutorial on How to Create Animanted Logos FREE in Canva



These should keep us all busy for awhile. Don’t forget to save these articles, no doubts we’ll want to come back and reference them!