Writer’s Tips – Fantastic Ideas for Creating Videos, Booktrailers, Instagram Stories and More!

Welcome to another edition of my curated Writer’s Tips. In this edition, Natalie Ducey demonstrates how we can use Instagram stories to showcase our work, Nicholas Rossis is showing us how we can create free videos using Lumen, Diana Peach shares how to create a book trailer with Powerpoint, ad design tools from Bookbub, and how to re-purpose our blogs moving them to a podcasting platform, and Colleen Chesebro has an instructional for using Gutenberg editor.


Natalie Ducey has created another fabulous tutorial on how to create and use Instagram stories for our writing.



Have you thought of converting blog posts to audio for Podcasting?

5 Easy Steps To Repurposing Your Blog Post Into An Audio Podcast

Source: 5 Easy Steps To Repurposing Your Blog Post Into An Audio Podcast |


Colleen Chesebro has a great instructional series on using the Gutenberg editor




Nicholas Rossis has a helpful post to help us create videos using Lumen.




Helpful Design Tools to create great book ads

6 Book Ad Design Tools Authors Can Use



Diana Peach is sharing how easy it is to create book trailers using Power Point.




Chris Syme guesting at Anne R. Allen’s blog on how to avoid author crisis and management.

Source: The Five Myths of Crisis Management for Authors by Chris Syme


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